Fork It Over Dinners w/ CT’s Best Chefs to Raise $ for Westport Farmers’ Market

29 Aug

Westport Farmers Market

Do you know how you can’t stand your 30 mile commute to work?  How about a 1,500 mile, one to two week-long commute to get your meat and veggies to you?  During all that traveling, produce loses lots of the good stuff inside that makes it awesome.  But, by buying local you’ll have fresher food with more nutrients, not even to mention the significant cuts in gas and pollution from the transport. Also, when you support local farms, you’re supporting your neighbors, the people who really need your help.  And, by supporting local farms, you’re helping the farms stay around which preserves that land for future generations.

It’s with this philosophy that the Westport Farmers’ Market functions, providing local farmers and producers a showcase for their food.  But, you could imagine all the costs going into running such a big and important farmers’ market has to be high, especially when you’re trying to get as many local producers involved as possible.  That’s why five of Connecticut’s best chefs have gotten together with local farms to create a series of true farm to table dinners called Fork It Over.  But, there’s a twist.  You know the dates, you know the chefs, and you know the basics of the menu…you just don’t know who will be cooking, where they’ll be cooking, and when they’ll be cooking.

The dates are 9/22, 9/29, 10/6, and 10/20 and will feature Bill Taibe from The Whelk and LeFarm, Matt Storch from Chelsea and Match, Tim LaBlant from The Schoolhouse at Cannondale, the duo of Michel Nischan and Johnny Vaast from The Dressing Room and Jeff Taibe from Oak + Almond…plus the possibility of more guest chefs.  What’s on the menu is also a bit of a surprise.   There’s the possibility of a classic New England clambake, a pig roast, a harvest dinner, specially microbrews, wine, and who knows what else.  But, the key thing is that the food is coming from local food producers and each dinner will also feature the farmers, not just the chefs!

If you want to get your hands on one of these very prized and limited tickets, you’ll need to sign up for Westport Farmers’ Market’s e-mail list.  Then, when you get the e-mail with the invite, act fast.  Here are the dates for each Fork It Over event along with when the tickets go on sale:

9/22, on sale 9/9

9/29, on sale 9/16

10/6, on sale 9/23

10/20, on sale 10/7

We hope to get a chance to go to one of these events not only because we love food, but we also love to keep things local.

Real Food.

Real Farmers.



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