Half Full Brewery Expands Brews, Staff, Events, and Market Reach

5 Sep

Half Full Brewery Stamford Logo

Although Half Full Brewery of Stamford has only been around for one year and a month, they have grown exponentially month by month.  And, if you looked at their portfolio of brews and everything they’ve done in the past year, you’d be pretty amazed.  Fundraisers, a Halloween party, bar crawls, rare beer nights, open house nights, and hundreds of tours make up just over 365 days worth of hard work.  But Conor Horrigan (Chief Beer Philosopher and owner) and crew have so much in store for Connecticut…and beyond.


Conor and Jen from Half Full Brewery

Conor and Jen speaking to the beer-thirsty masses

Conor and Chief Beer Artist Jen Muckerman started off with their flagship Bright Ale and have really expanded their menu of choices at Half Full.  Right now the brews you can taste at their Stamford brewery are their Bright Ale, Toasted Amber, American Pale Ale, their Ginger Beer, a Vanilla Rum Porter, Zythos Pale Amber, and a Heather Honey Ale.  And, with a lineup like this, it’s clear that Half Full isn’t happy with pumping out the same ol’ beers all the time.  They’re trying to keep things fresh, new, and exciting.  You can definitely see this if you hit up one of their Rare Beer Nights, featuring a nice collection of microbrews made just for that event like a Peanut Butter Hefeweizen or a Grapefruit Pale Ale.  Don’t forget about their soon to be released Pumpkin Ale, either.  It’s super killer, especially with a sugared rim like we had at Zaza in Stamford.  Truly, one of the best pumpkin ales that we’ve ever tasted.  Plus, there’s a brand new collaboration between Half Full and Lorca that will be coming out near Thanksgiving:  Half Full Chocolate Coffee Brown Ale.


Conor has also been expanding the Hoptimist Brew Crew at Half Full quite a bit.  Recently, he hired three new people to help take over the world.  First up is Jon Charest from Minnesota who is now the Chief Beer Scientist.  He graduated from Yale with a degree in Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology, and will spend time in the brand new Half Full lab as well as helping with brewing.  Another new hire is Amanda Kulbitsky from Pennsylvania, Half Full’s Chief Beer Administrator.  She’ll be working sales, marketing, will help out in the office, and will help with the general operations of Half Full.  The Half Full Brew Crew jokes that Amanda will keep them all in line and in shape because of her degree in Exercise Science from Shippensburg University.


Apricot Ale

Half Full’s Apricot Ale from a Rare Beer Night

The last new hire is Ben Hoeft from none other than New Canaan.  His role of Chief Beer Entertainer is very important for Half Full.  He’ll be responsible for sales and marketing in New Haven and Litchfield Counties.  With his assistance, Conor will be able to expand out even more, eventually reaching restaurants in Westchester County this fall.  In addition, Conor and crew have been waiting for the right time for their brews to hit the store shelves in the form of cans.  You can definitely look forward to more from Half Full!


Spooky!  The brewery during last year's Halloween Bash!

The same tanks lit up all fancy for last year’s Halloween Bash!

There’s always something great going on at Half Full, so make sure to check out at least one of these experiences for the Eternal Hoptimist:

  • Half Full’s 2nd Annual Halloween Bash…details coming soon.
  • Growler Fills and Samplings: Wednesday through Friday, 4-7
  • Tour and Tastings:  Saturdays from 1-5, tour at 3
  • Open House:  Every other Friday from 5:30-8:30, $15 per person gets you a recycled Half Full cup for tap tasting, shenanigans, and games.
  • Rare Beer Nights:  $25, every third Wednesday, 7-9 pm
  • Movie Nights:  Every two months on Saturday from 5-8 pm.  $15 gets you entrance to the movie and a beer that was brewed just for that movie.  The first movie night is September 14 and will feature Strange Brew.
  • Wednesday Night Pub Run:  Monthly on the fourth Wednesday from 6:30-7:30.  More details at Half Full.

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue, 

Stamford, CT

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