A-paw-se 4 the Dogs for Dogs Fundraiser with Super Duper Weenie in Newtown

18 Sep

A major friend of the blog and fellow food lover, Danielle Boccher, has just emBARKed upon a brand new path in her life.  She has started Thank Dog Rescue, a dog rescue organization for all breeds, based out of Newtown.  The goal of Thank Dog Rescue is to find forever homes for dogs who have been in shelters, who are homeless, or who have been abandoned.  Being able to help all these great doggies is no easy feat, so that’s why she’s having their first ever fundraiser on 9/29 from 1 to 5 pm at Butcher’s Best in Newtown.

Don't you dare think about not stopping by Bliss to help PAWS.  There will be a massive licking if you don't comply!   -Maynard Del Ferraro

Here’s Maynard, our rescue.  He’s a mix of Jack Russell and Boston Terrier.

Dog for Dogs will feature the Super Duper Weenie food truck.  Do we really need to say anything else?  No, we don’t, but we’ll give a few more details anyway. :)  So, yes, Super Duper Weenie will be on hand serving up their amazing hot dogs and homemade toppings, their great burgers, and their killer fries.  Entrance to the event is $15 for adults, $10 for kids under 10, or you can buy a Family Pack of 4 for $40.

California Lovin', Dre Style

California Lovin’

Make sure to keep up with Thank Dog Rescue for future events!

Butcher’s Best Country Market

125 South Main Street

Newtown CT 06470

Here’s more about Thank Dog Rescue:

Thank Dog Rescue is a CT charitable organization dedicated to finding loving homes for shelter, homeless and abandoned dogs of all breeds, for the love of dog.

Through a network of foster homes, our dogs are nurtured and loved and given a sense of normalcy in preparation for their permanent homes. They sleep in soft beds, have plenty to eat, feel the comfort of human touch and grass between their paws, play in the yard, nuzzle a foster furbling, but most importantly, gain confidence and cast aside any fears and worries from experiences past.

We also serve as a resource to the community by advocating responsible dog ownership and all that it entails, from proper socialization and training, to the benefits of routine and preventive medical care, especially spaying and neutering to prevent further overpopulation. We provide education and information on available lower cost veterinary options, work with owners on the verge of surrendering their dogs to shelters to figure out a retention plan to avoid unnecessary burdens on municipalities and lessen the pain and suffering of dogs.

We strive to build a community where dogs are valued and treated with the respect and quality of life they deserve. We are the voice of the voiceless.

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