Explore Stamford + New Haven w/ Urban Scavenger Race and Party Afterwards

23 Sep

Stamford Urban Scavenger Race

Dan’s mom used to create an Easter scavenger hunt each year.  A clue would lead The Del Ferraros to a bounty of treats and the next clue.  By the end of the race, Ren, Danny, and Chad would have plenty of candy for the next few weeks.  And, if Dan got to a clue first, he might have (just might have) skimmed a bit off the top from his siblings’ candy stash.  Hey, they never knew.  ;)

So, chances are that you’ve also taken part in a scavenger hunt in some form or another, too.  Well, kiddos, it’s time for an all growned-up version with the Urban Scavenger Race.  Teams of two to four people race around Stamford and/or New Haven, trying to find the answers to clues and working hard to complete challenges.  To get from place to place, teams must simply run.  No taxis, no bikes, no hovercrafts or floating skateboards, though public busses are allowed.  When you arrive to your destination, you might need to complete a dare or snap a picture of the place, so make sure to bring your fully charged cell phone.  If your team can’t figure out a clue, you’ll need to be resourceful and seek out help from people nearby to see if they understand.  Maybe you could ask Siri, too.  After the race is over there’s always an after party to celebrate a successful race.

So, whether you’re near Stamford or New Haven, there will be two Urban Scavenger Races coming up.  We’ll tell you a bit about Stamford’s race so you get the idea, then will give you links to the info for the New Haven race.

You’ll meet at Hotel Zero Degrees, the sponsors of this event, at 10:15 for registration and to check-in.  Then, at 11 am there will be a team costume contest with prizes awarded to the best dressed!  Finally, when 11:15 hits, the teams are off to find their clues and complete the Urban Scavenger Hunt!  The winner with the best time and most clues figured out will receive prizes and everybody gets to take home a commemorative t-shirt!  When the race is over around 3 pm, teams will head over to Station Eats for free snacks and drink specials.  After all that running around you’ll definitely need to cool down.

Tickets are normally $100 for 2, $150 for 3, and $200 for 4, but Groupon is running a deal with those prices cut right in half.  A portion of the proceeds for the race are going to the Child Guidance Center for Southern Connecticut, so you get to help out others simply by running around Stamford like a maniac!

Stamford’s race day is October 5 and the New Haven race is October 12.  If you want to go to the Stamford Urban Scavenger Race, make sure to register by 9/28 and if you want to go to New Haven’s (after party is at Geronimo), register by 10/9.

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