Ole Smoky Moonshine Tasting + More @ Burger Bar & Bistro in Norwalk, CT

24 Sep

Burger Bar & Bistro in Norwalk is hosting an event on October 5 starting at 1 pm that is sure to be not only unique, but also very exciting.  They’ve teamed up with Ole Smoky ® Tennessee Moonshine (the first legal moonshine in Tennesse, btw) to help raise money for Bully Breed Rescue, an organization based out of New Canaan that we’ve written about before.  Entrance to the event is $20, but that gets you a helluva lot…

Dogapalooza will not only feature tastings of Ole Smoky® moonshine, but there will be happy hour prices starting at 1 that go until closing, giveaways, and even some good ol’ fashioned cornhole.  Party it up with Bully Breed Rescue’s adoptable doggies from 1-5, too, and maybe you’ll come home with a brand new friend…or at least some BBR swag.

Ole Smoky Moonshine Bottles from their website

Just to give you a little preview of Ole Smoky® moonshine, here are their flavors that are currently for sale:

OLE SMOKY® ORIGINAL MOONSHINE:  an unaged corn whiskey made from local Tennessee corn.  The recipe is a century old, so best believe it’ll be great.

OLE SMOKY® WHITE LIGHTNIN’™:  distilled six times, this is a great mix-in for cocktails and drinks.

OLE SMOKY® MOONSHINE CHERRIES™:  they fill up moonshine jar with maraschino cherries and soak them in their 100 proof moonshine.

OLE SMOKY® APPLE PIE MOONSHINE™:  made with apple juice, cinnamon, and other spices, this moonshine tastes and smells like the real deal.

OLE SMOKY® PEACH MOONSHINE™:  one of their more refreshing moonshines, Peach Moonshine clocks in at 40 proof.

OLE SMOKY® BLACKBERRY MOONSHINE™:  like Peach Moonshine, Blackberry Moonshine pumps out at 40 proof.  This one seems like our jam and we’ll definitely have to try this.

Hey, life ain’t so ruff when you got burgers, legit booze, and doggies.  If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to e-mail Bully Breed Rescue.  Also, feel free to bring your spayed and neutered dog on a non-flexi leash to take part in the action…Burger Bar & Bistro is dog-friendly!

Dogapalooza with Ole Smoky® moonshine tasting

October 5, 1 until closing

$20 per person

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