Wicked Good Fun @ 2013 Tokeneke Pumpkin Carnival

2 Oct

You must be out of your gourd if you’re thinking about missing the Tokeneke Pumpkin Carnival this year!  This annual event in Darien is on October 5 and runs from 10 am to 4 pm.  Here are some reasons why you just want might want to take the fam down to Tokeneke Elementary School for some fun:



  • Face painting


    Who wouldn’t want to shoot out apples from this slingshot? From Tokeneke Pumpkin Carnival Site.

  • Apple toss/slingshot
  • Sand art
  • Sack races
  • Haunted house


  • Carousel
  • Alibaba
  • And lots, lots more…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Raffle tix with prizes such as front of the line passes, Vineyard Vines Loaded Totebag, an iPod Touch, gift certificates, and two tickets to the Jets + Steelers game on 10/13.  Check out all of the items up for raffle here.    

For more info about this event, check out their website.

Tokeneke Pumpkin Carnival

Date:  10/5

Time:  10 am – 4 pm

Cost:  Free, but rides and raffle tickets cost $

Address:  Tokeneke Elementary School

7 Old Farm Road

Darien, CT

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