Rocket-fueled Ardbeg Scotch Tasting at Harry’s on Saturday

4 Oct

ardbeg rocket

Arbeg Scotch has gone where no man or liquor has gone before…outer space.  Back in 2011 they sent a rocket up into space that contained “Ardberg-crafted molecules.”  The purpose?  Let’s have Ardbeg explain:

“This is the most audacious adventure ever undertaken by Ardbeg Distillery – or any other distillery for that matter. Ardbeg is taking part in an experiment led by U.S.-based space research company NanoRacks LLC to test these micro-organic compounds. The maturation experiment will test the interaction of these Ardbeg-crafted molecules with charred oak. This will take place in normal gravity on Earth and also microgravity, far up in space on the International Space Station.  The vials contain a class of compounds known as “terpenes” –  a set of chemicals which are very widespread in nature and often very aromatic and flavour-active – as well as other molecules.  It is the interaction of these molecules with oak wood that forms the basis of this maturation experiment. This is believed to be the first time anyone has ever studied terpenes and other molecules in near zero-gravity.”

Now, you might be wondering why we’ve included a picture of the Ardbeg rocket and what this has to do with Harry’s in Fairfield.  Simple:  the rocket will be set up in Harry’s parking lot and there will be an Arbeg Scotch tasting on Saturday from 4-7 pm.  They’ll be providing tastings of the Ardbeg 10 year aged, a very highly rated Scotch.  In addition, you’ll be able to buy their Uigedial (15 years) and their Ardbog (age not specified, but it’s very rare, hard to find, and supposedly super awesome).

Harry’s Wine &  Liquor Market
2094 Post Road
Fairfield, CT  06824
tel  203-259-4692
fax 203-259-7840
Mon – Thu:   8AM to 8PM
Fri&  Sat:   8AM to 9PM
Sunday:      10AM to 5PM

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