Bodega Brings Dia de Los Muertos to Darien and Fairfield

11 Oct


Dia de los Muertos…Day of the Dead.

Traditionally, it’s celebrated November 1 and 2 in Mexico, but this national holiday is actually celebrated all across the world.   During Dia de Los Muertos, family and friends gather to remember and pray for those who have been lost.  People who participate often will paint their faces and dress in costumes, take part in parades, and may visit cemeteries.  Some of the traditions of this holiday include creating altars for the deceased that include sugar skulls and some of their favorite food and drinks.

While this might seem dark and awfully gothic, this holiday is a way to remember the dead and to also celebrate life.  And, it’s with that heart that Bodega Taco Bar is throwing their own Dia de los Muertos celebration at both Darien and Fairfield locations.  The festival happens at both locations on Saturday, November 2, and will feature many different things.  Starting off, when you come by during lunchtime, you can have your face painted Dia de Los Muertos style or even get tattoos for the kids (or big kids).  No, not the real kind of tattoos…that would be cool, though.  There will also be a sugar skull decorating demo, showing you how they are made and their significance.  And, you’ll find that Bodega has created special cocktails that feature Espolon Tequila for the day and will also have special dishes available all that week.  And, if you stick around until late night, you can dance the night away and celebrate with live music.

Quien con la esperanza vive, alegre muere.
He who lives with hope dies happy.

Bodega Taco Bar

Noms:  4.25

Cost:  $$$

Address: 1700 Post Road

Fairfield, CT




Address:  980 Post Road

Darien, CT


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