Culinary Casting Call for Spike’s Brand New Show, Frankenfood

1 Nov
Franken Food Now Casting
SPIKE TV is looking for chefs and home cooks across ‘Merica who are masters of crazy, revolutionary, creative, and unique dishes for their brand new show, Frankenfood.  Host and celebrity chef  Josh Capon (Lure Fishbar, B&B Winepub, and El Toro Blanco) will take contestants through the competion each week with the weekly winner pulling in a cool $10,000.  In addition to that, the winner will also have his or her dish featured on a restaurant menu.
So, what’s a “Frankenfood”?  A flyer that Sharp Entertainment (the peeps behind Man Vs. Food) sent us gives us some clues.  Three of the possible options they provide are Deviled Eggs Stuffed Potatoes, Seven Layer Pancake Lasagna, and even Yolk Topped Sloppy Joe Beignets!
If this looks like something you, a family member, or friend would be great at, send an e-mail super fast to  In the e-mail make sure to include:
1)  Name
2)  City and state
3) Phone number
4) A brief description of yourself, what your job is, and why you love cooking
5) An explanation of how you created your dish and if there’s any kind of story behind it
6) Photos of yourself and the dish
There are also some open location casting calls on the way, but sending out this info along with your Frankenfood dish is something you’ll need to do right away.  When we get updates, we’ll add it to this post for you!
Good luck and we hope to see you on SPIKE!

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