Fairfield County Guide to Pizza and Drinks this Thanksgiving Eve (or any day)

21 Nov

Thanksgiving Eve is not only one of the top 5 busiest day of the year for pizza eating, but it’s also in the top spots of busiest nights to go out for drinks. It makes perfect sense, too. People are packing bags, they are cleaning, and they are even preparing for the holiday feast. Who wants to make another meal in addition to Thanksgiving? Answer? No one. And, lots of people come back home from college and far far away. It’s their time to go out, catch up with old friends, and even make the next day with the in-laws a little more tolerable by getting tipsy.

So, in the spirit of helping out our fellow pizza munchers and drink guzzlers, we’ve put together a list of some of our reader’s favorites spots (mentioned in the description) as well as ours.  Please note, we’re only mentioning if they have pick up or delivery for the purpose of this post, though most of these restaurants do have sit down service.  All pizza opinions are relative, so don’t get too crazy, pizza fascists.  And, we didn’t list just bars…they have to have food, too.  Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Ecco:  Adeline Jessica loves this pizza spot, the rooftop deck of La Zingara.  We’ve also heard the drinks are pretty damn good, too.

Black Rock

  1. Beverly’s:  this place is legendary, though we never got to go when we lived in Black Rock.  Our friend Tim agrees that you should go here.  It’s pick up only plus it’s cash only so make sure you come prepared.
  2. Fire Engine Pizza Company:  People have been raving about the pizza here, including our resident pizza expert Tim.  We had an awesome slice of their pie at the Harbor Brew Fest, too!  Pick up only, but they are open late so check out their beer and wine choices if you’d like to combine the pizza and drink.


  1. Barnum Publick House:  fun, solid cocktails, and a craft beer selection to drool over makes this a great choice for drinks on Turkey Day Eve.  Just ask our buddy Hugh.
  2. Famous Pizza House:  Tim and Adeline Jessica approve this message and love the pizza here!  By the way, don’t be fooled by imposter “famous” pizzas nearby.  Damn.  Delivery and pick up available.
  3. Massimo’s:  Tim, our pizza fiend friend on Twitter can’t get enough!
  4. Taberna:  Hugh knows his drinks so you best believe he’s hitting up the best spots.  Plus, with a Spanish tapas menu, it’s a nice choice.


  1. Pepe’s:  New Haven started it all, but you don’t have to go all the way there to get their pies.  Pick up your pies then devour at home.
  2. Stanziato’s:  Matt’s got it all under control at Stanziato’s!  We loved the pizza here and all the sides.  Plus, with the brand new bar in the side room, you could get some pick up, devour those pies, then come back later for drinks.


  1. Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza:  thick crust pizza, well done/done well.  Expect lots of black along the crust.  Pick up, no delivery.
  2. Bodega Taco Bar:  we can’t seriously think of a better place to have drinks in Darien.  The cocktails are perfectly balanced and full of flavor here.  Plus, the food rocks.  It always helps to eat while you drink.  :)
  3. Heights Pizza:  again, it’s Tim’s recommendation.  This is actually the sister restaurant to Nick’s in Stamford so we bet it’s great.  They have pick up and delivery here.


  1. Barcelona:  We had an amazing dinner at the chef’s table over the summer at Barcelona Greenwich and tried just about every single cocktail on the menu.  There wasn’t one drink that we didn’t like.  And, you probably know that at late night Barcelona turns into a major party spot.  Perfect for Thanksgiving Eve.
  2. Colony Grill:  what can we say?  Colony Grill has great pies that many claim as the best pizza in all of Connecticut, if not the world.  Place your orders for pick up, though you might be waiting for a while…it’s busy.  Definitely get the hot oil and the stingers.
  3. Pepe’s:  see our description for the Danbury location.
  4. Bodega Taco Bar:  we love it, check our comments for the Darien location.
  5. Nauti Dolphin:  Tucked away into the train station, it’s not much to look at, but we loved the pizza here and do miss it.  Pick up and delivery here.


  1. Barcelona:  see Fairfield description.
  2. Bella Nonna:  with a chef straight from Arthur Ave., we’ve been happy with the delivery and take out options here at Bella Nonna.
  3. Char:  amazing cocktails here that are expertly balanced and creative.  Plus, awesome food sure don’t hurt.
  4. Ginger Man:  it’s always packed here and it’s clear why:  great booze, good food…do you need anything else?
  5. Glenville Pizza:  Kim says it’s all in the sauce.  Pick up  available.  We need to get there to try this out!
  6. Pizza Post:  located right next to Gofer on 1, you might miss this neighborhood gem.  But, once you’ve gone, you’ll definitely come back.  Pick up available here.
  7. ReNapoli:  while expensive as we reported in our review, we really enjoyed the pies here at this Old Greenwich spot.  They have pick up and delivery options as well as online ordering.  Score.


  1. Franco’s:  Tim, our pizza fiend friend on Twitter can’t get enough!  Pick up or delivery are options as well as online ordering.
  2. Lorenzo’s:  Chef Plum admits it might look like it’s from a scene of the Texas Chainsaw Massacare, but it’s the best pizza hands down!  Pick up only.


  1. Bar Sugo: amazing pizza available for pick up.  Get some meatballs to go, too…why not. :)
  2. Barcelona:  see Fairfield description.
  3. The Spread: the nightlife here is pumping and with some awesome cocktails, you’ve got a great spot to hit up Wednesday night.
  4. Ginger Man: see Greenwich description.
  5. Oak + Almond:  some of the best cocktails in the area, including our favorite bourbon drink ever…the Oak + Almond!


  1. Baileys Backyard:  the drinks here, like the food, are seasonal.  That’s in part due to Bryan behind the bar who is always coming up with creative new cocktails.  While you’re there and enjoying some drinks, definitely check out Chef Pasternack’s food.
  2. Luc’s Cafe:  Hugh of Fix Your Drinks loves going out to Luc’s and we agree.  We checked out Luc’s last year and enjoyed our food and the awesome selection of wine available.


  1. Redding Roadhouse:  it’s not a roadhouse for nothing!  Great drinks and a really nice arsenal of craft brews makes this a great place to meet up with some friends and wind the night down.


  1. Barcelona:  see Fairfield description.
  2. Capriccio Cafe:  they’re not just the spot to be on Bedford on sunny day…they also are pumping out some nice pies.  You can order pick-up here and they’ve recently added delivery.
  3. Coalhouse Pizza:  you get a nice two for one deal here.  While you can pick up an amazing variety of pizzas or even get them delivered, you might decide to sample some of the 52 different brews on tap and do it right.
  4. Colony Grill:  see Fairfield description.
  5. Half Full:  special open house on Wednesday from 5:30-8:30!  $15 gets you free unlimited tastes of Half Full beer.  Easy choice.
  6. Remo’s:  brick oven pies that won’t disappoint!  This was one of our stops on the Battle of the Stamford Brick Oven posts that we did for CBS.  Pick up only.
  7. Nick’s:  we miss Nick’s for a quick pick up or super fast delivery
  8. Seaside Tavern:  Jessie from Alternative Control CT knows her stuff…this is a great place to go for some brews and drinks.
  9. Plan B:  plenty of affordable drinks here, a great selection of bourbon, and a nice collection of beer makes Plan B an obvious choice.  Word.


  1. Salerno’s:  Both Jenny and Chef Koty agree and, to us, that’s enough considering their culinary prowess.  Pick up or delivery, you decide.
  2. Two Roads Brewery:  duh.  Beer.
  3. Villa:  Robyn says the Sicilian pies here are awesome, Brooklyn-style delicious.  Pick up only.


  1. Parallel Post:  amazing cocktails and a farm-to-table experience makes this a great spot to spend your Thanksgiving Eve.
  2. Franco Gianni’s:  Tim recommends this spot, too.  They have pick up and delivery options, so all your bases are covered.


  1. Via Sforza:  we’ve never had a bad meal here, so picking up their pies would be a great choice for us if we lived in or by Westport.
  2. The Whelk:  we’re not talking about just seafood and great food here…The Whelk also offers some great mixed drinks in a farm-chic atmosphere.

8 Responses to “Fairfield County Guide to Pizza and Drinks this Thanksgiving Eve (or any day)”

  1. hmcnally November 22, 2013 at 9:26 pm #

    Thanks for the mentions!


  2. Amanda November 22, 2013 at 2:31 pm #

    Don’t forget about Half Full Brewery in Stamford! Open House on Wednesday night from 5:30-8:30 pm, $15 gets you unlimited samples of Half Full beer!


  3. Rachel November 22, 2013 at 1:04 pm #

    Fire Engine pizza was not pick up only when I was there. We ate in the dining room.


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro November 22, 2013 at 1:27 pm #

      Rachel, yes, you’re right. When we say pick-up or delivery, we mean that you’re busy and want to get pizza back home as soon as possible. You can eat there, certainly, but delivery and pick up are the ways to go when you’re in a rush and can’t go to the restaurant.



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