Chef Plum Rescues You from Thanksgiving Disasters

26 Nov

As we mentioned yesterday when we announced the Ultimate Holiday Cookie Contest, Chef Plum of Newtown is back on TV.  This time you can see him on the weekly Allrecipes segment on “The Better Show,” aired on the Hallmark Channel.  “The Better Show” airs at noon during weekdays and Chef Plum is featured on Tuesdays with the Allrecipes crew.

His first segment was a shoot in NYC where he asked people what the heck pieces of kitchen equipment were and what they were used for.  Very entertaining.

Chef Plum Allrecipes Thanksgiving 911

And, today he just shared his newest segment called “Allrecipes Thanksgiving 911.”  This is perfect right now because haven’t you always wondered how to:

  • remove burnt parts or edges of pies?
  • fix dry turkey?
  • fix lumpy gravy?

Check out his helpful hints and if you’d like more tips, text “Holiday” to 63485 or ask Chef Plum on Twitter at @Chef_Plum.

Congrats again Plum!  Don’t forget that you can see Chef Plum judge The Ultimate Holiday Cookie contest on 12/15 at Winston Flowers.

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