Tapping into an exclusive preview of Cask Republic Stamford

6 Dec
Panoramic view of the draft room at Cask Republic
Panoramic view of the draft room at Cask Republic

Update:  Cask Republic Stamford opens on Thursday, 12/19! 

Do you see that picture?  That’s the draft room that’s downstairs at the soon to open Cask Republic (see our intro post) in Stamford.  We were both overwhelmed when we toured this room with General Manger Casey Doheme, so we can’t imagine what it will be like with kegs and bottles stored inside.  So, let’s talk about those draft lines, huh?  Cask Republic will have the capability to have 60 different brews on tap!  They’ll have 52 lines (one is devoted to their rotating casks) that go straight to the main bar, then 8 that will go to the side/private bar.  One of the slickest features of this setup is that with special Y valves, the draft lines can be shared between both bars.  So, they can mirror some brews that are at the main bar or have 8 different ones available too.  Plus, they’ll have some nitro lines as well as warm beer lines that will suit Belgian beer very well.

Renato Oven at Cask Republic Stamford

Welcome to the largest kitchen of all of Christian Burns’ restaurants. Yes, bigger than Cask Republic in New Haven, and bigger than both Ginger Man in Greenwich and Norwalk. It’s absolutely massive, so that will be a huge advantage to Executive Chef Carl Carrion and all kitchen staff. One of the items that will be on the menu will be the short rib meatballs that we couldn’t get enough of at the Community Plates Food for All fundraiser. You can also expect a nice portion of their menu to be cooked in their Renato wood-burning brick oven stove that they inherited from Ferrante.  While the menu is in the finishing phase, you can expect moderate prices that won’t leave you broke.  Christian said this will be a great option for people because you can come in for a few drinks and a few snacks without paying too much and leave satisfied. He also noted that the menu is versatile because you could sit down for a while, have drinks, and have a large meal too.

Booths at Cask Republic in Stamford

The main room is beautiful and classic, filled with comfy booths, and will soon have tables where about 65 people can nom away on their food with friends. High quality Bose speakers have been installed throughout the restaurant (look up when you’re there) so wherever you are, you can hear the music. This will be great when they have bands and you might be seated in a different area in the restaurant. In addition to tables and booths, you could also nestle up to their toasty gas fireplace. To truly bask in the heat and the glow, they have some sleek, sexy, and comfy chairs where you can lounge.

The main bar at Cask Republic Stamford

This is the nearly finished main bar area, fit with 16 stools. Yes, those are gas lanterns, the same lanterns you’ll find throughout Cask Repblic and outside, too. You might notice the draft tower isn’t there yet. That’s because it is being custom made and will be delivered shortly. When it arrives, it will be a 13 foot long and 500 pound draft tower behemoth made of stainless steel and copper. Casey and Christian told us that they look forward to all the shining.  And, when you want something to drink, beertenders will be able to help you decide and will pour out your drink properly.  We know this because when we arrived, Tim from Cask Republic New Haven was meeting with all the new staff, giving them a beer lesson. They’ll be ready for opening day on December 19 or 20 when they’ve completed the 16 class requirement!  Clearly, they are serious about their beer.  And, more of that seriousness comes through when you look at the cellar room, off to the side of the bar and by the fireplace.  There will be some serious aging going on there.  Christian told us that they would have some select cocktails and wine, too, if you’re not in the mood for a beer.  But, who’s never in the mood for beer?  

Private/side room at Cask Republic

And, take a final look at the private room.  It can fit 45 people and, like we said, has a private bar with 8 taps.  This is great for parties and events, but you also just might find yourself lucky enough to be placed here to eat and have some drinks.  Did we mention that there’s another fireplace here?

Fireplace at Cask Republic Stamford

It’s been a long road to get to the opening, but for Christian and Casey it’s been rewarding.  Even though Casey remarks that he’s inhaled enough paint fumes (is it weird that we like that smell?) to last a lifetime over the last few months, he’s very excited and couldn’t think of anything better to be doing.  Both of them can’t wait for opening day and we can’t wait, either.

We definitely look forward to the variety of beer that will be on tap, tap takeovers, live music, great food, beer dinners, and awesome experiences.  And, with 125 different places to sit around the place, you’ll have lots of options to enjoy all of the above.  

You ready to become a citizen of Cask Republic?

Cask Republic Stamford

Address: 191 Summer Street

Stamford, CT

Phone:  TBD

Facebook for Cask Republic

Twitter for Cask Republic

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  1. Cooking with Jeff and Cristina December 6, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    yayyy!!! so glad Cask Republic coming to Stamford :)



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