Join Todd Ruggere on 1/11 as he sets off to drink a brew in all 169 CT towns

1 Jan

Update:  Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ (2013 OmNomy Winner for Best BBQ) will be on hand from 1-7 for some awesome winter BBQ!  

A few months ago we shared the story of Todd Ruggere and his mission:  to drink a beer in all 169 Connecticut towns in 2014.  Talk about a New Year’s resolution, geesh.  But, he’s not doing it just because beer is awesome.  He’s got real heart in his CT Pour Tour.  He’s raising money to help fund pediatric cancer research in order to wipe it off the planet.  Along the way he’ll stop at breweries, drink brews at bars and restaurants, meet new friends and drink in their homes, drink an amazing amount of Connecticut beer, and undoubtedly will partake in some craziness.  What kind of craziness do you ask?  Well, one of his stops for his tour of all 351 MA towns was a nudist colony.  While we’re not sure if there’s a nudist colony here, he does face unique challenges such as some towns that don’t have a bar or even Bridgewater which is a dry town.  

So, he survived his tour of MA…and he’s ready to start the CT Pour Tour!  To kick off this year-long event, he’ll be at Two Roads in Stratford on 1/11 and will begin to make a major dent in his fundraising goals.  Two Roads, his sponsor for the tour, will be pitching in $1 for every pint bought that day to pediatric cancer research.  

We hope you can make it to help support Todd and his mission.  

Cheers, Todd.

Two Roads Brewing Co
1700 Stratford Avenue
Stratford, CT
Saturday Hours:  12-9 pm

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