Hop to it + meet the brewers at Two Roads Brewing in Stratford

2 Jan

Beer don’t just make itself, bro…and it ain’t such simple stuff neither.

It’s not like you can just throw some malts and hops into a pot of water and get a killer brew a few minutes later.

So, like most of you out there, we’ll leave the complex process of making beer to the experts.  Speaking of the experts, wanna meet some of them from Two Roads in Stratford?

Dan studies Farmhouse Ales by Phil MarkowskiWe’re talking about Head Brewmaster Phil Markowski, Colin House, Roger Krakow, Travis Eckart, John Rehm, and Andrew Godiksen.  They’ll be in the Two Roads tasting room on January 9 starting at 5 pm.  They are the magic men behind Two Roads, so you’ll need to thank them/kiss their feet/tip them with $100s/give them alligator skin boots.

And, of course they’ll have their awesome brews on tap.  Don’t miss this event, punks.  In the meantime, we’ll be studying hard and reading through Phil’s book to make sure we know our stuff.

Two Roads Brewery

1700 Stratford Avenue

Stratford, CT 06615

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