Valencia turns into a speakeasy for their Bootlegger’s Party ft. Real McCoy Rum – Norwalk, CT

8 Jan
Real McCoy Rums aged 3, 5, and 12 years (from

Real McCoy Rums aged 3, 5, and 12 years (from

Update:  Please be aware that Valencia had to cancel this event.  

With all the beer, wine, cocktails and liquor in America today, it’s crazy to think that just 94 years ago Prohibition reared its ugly head.  Although we know it didn’t stop the truly devoted who brewed moonshine and other crazy concoctions, nor did it stop the mafia from controlling the illegal trafficking of booze…nor did it stop one rum runner named Captain Bill McCoy.  Although didn’t drink liquor himself, he smuggled in illegally popular unwatered-down rum into America from the Bahamas, fueling the speakeasies during Prohibition.

But, thankfully we’re way past that dark moment of our history.  So, as George Santayana says, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  You best believe we ain’t letting that crap happen again…

And that’s where Chef Michael Young’s Valencia Luncheria comes in with their Bootlegger’s Party.  Chef Young and crew have created a bash to celebrate the awesomeness of liquor and food together as one.  The drinking, dancing, eating, and reveling goes down from 7-11 pm on January 21.  Tickets for this illicit event are either $55 per person or $100 for a couple.  The windows at Valencia will be blacked out and the staff will be in costume from the 20s and 30s (we’d pay to $500 to see Chef Young dressed up).  They’d love for you to come dressed up too, though they told us it’s not totally ncecessary…but seriously, don’t be a Bootlegger’s Party pooper.

Bootlegger's Party at Valencia Luncheria in Norwalk

Even the Bootlegger’s Party warms the heart of The Grinch (from Valencia’s FB page)

Now, here’s what entry gets ya:

  • Plenty of nicely sized passed hors d’oeuvre
  • Real McCoy Rum (yes, Captain Bill McCoy’s rum) cocktails mixed by the talented and charming mixologists at Valencia
  • Music from the amazing band Oh, Cassius!
  • Dancing…lots of dancing

Proceeds from the event are being donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, so you’ll be partying and noming away for a great cause.  This event is sponsored by Saugatuck Grain and Grape in Westport who sells Real McCoy Rum at their shop.  So, you’ll know where to go when you get addicted to the stuff…

Bootlegger’s Party

Date:  1/21/14

Time:  7-11 pm

Place:  Valencia Luncheria

Address:  164 Main Street

                  Norwalk, CT


3 Responses to “Valencia turns into a speakeasy for their Bootlegger’s Party ft. Real McCoy Rum – Norwalk, CT”

  1. Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro January 8, 2014 at 2:28 pm #

    Hey Rachel, good thing you asked. Somehow an entire paragraph that we had written was deleted from the post! And, it just so happened to be about the price and such! Good catch and thanks so much. We appreciate that.


  2. Rachel January 8, 2014 at 2:09 pm #


    How much is this?


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