Half Full Joins the Dark Side + Crowdsources New Barrel-Aged Beer @ Rare Beer Night

21 Jan

Half Full Rare Beer

We went to our first Rare Beer Night at Half Full in July and came back for more last Wednesday, 1/15. And, while we had a great time at the first event, one or two of the limited production brews from their nano system weren’t beers that we’d drink too often because of their hoppiness (different brews for different folks). But, that all changed with this Rare Beer Night.

On the menu were four bolder, darker, and heavier beers. We’re talking about a 6.6% Dunkelweiss, a 6.2% Scotch Ale, a 7.5% Imperial Pale Ale, and a 6% Brown Ale.  And, Conor Horrigan (Chief Beer Philosopher) and Jen Muckerman (Chief Beer Artist) soon revealed why these beers were on the heavier side: after tasting all four everyone present would take a vote on their favorite that would age for a year in a Jack Daniel’s barrel.

Half Full Rare Beer Night Resolutions

While we all appreciated each of these special brews, most votes were for the Brown Ale and the Scotch Ale. And, the winner? That would be the Scotch Ale! After that was announced (and people cheered), we were all given sheets of paper to sign our names on. Then, that same paper would be burned into the barrel that will be up on display for all to see at the brewery. That’s awesome and all, but what came next was even more amazing. We all wrote out resolutions on rice paper then took turns putting them into the bunghole (hahahaha) of the barrel. As the beer gets poured in, the resolutions dissolve and become a part of the beer.  

Now we wait an entire long long long looonnnggg year for this special batch and an additional New Years Resolution Barleywine to reach proper aging. From there, Half Full will be bottling both in bombers, most likely making these bad boys Half Full’s first bottles.

We’ll leave you with this, our favorite resolution of the night: “Eat more parsnips.”  And, yes, ladies and gents…we know this person and we’re proud to call him a friend.

About Half Full Rare Beer Nights

Every third Wednesday of the month, Half Full Brewery in Stamford hosts a Rare Beer Night.  No experience is the same because Jen and Jon (and even guest brewers) at Half Full create 3-5 beers on their nanosystem.  The night goes along nicely with a full pouring, a pairing, and a little talk about the beer in front of you.  And, all of this costs just $30!  Because seating is limited, we recommend buying your tickets way in advance.  

Upcoming dates are 2/19, 3/19, 4/16, 5/21, 6/18, 7/16, 8/20, 9/17, 10/15, 11/19, and 12/17.

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue

Stamford, CT

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