Que Bueno: Baro Hosts Fundraiser for Community Plates – Fairfield, CT

28 Jan

To celebrate their Grand Opening, Baró in Fairfield is hosting a fundraising event for Community Plates.  In a nutshell, Community Plates is a network of volunteers who rescue food from restaurants and stores, then deliver it to shelters and other places that desperately need the food.  This event is happening on February 19 from 5-9 pm and costs  just $40.  What does that get you?  A signature drink, a complimentary drink, and a plethora of their tapas and tacos.  

You can rest easy knowing that half of the ticket proceeds will go directly to Community Plates, and all of the proceeds from sales of their signature drink go to this worthy charity.  Plus, you’ll have to stick around for the silent auction from 7-9, with all proceeds being donated.

To purchase tickets you can call (203) 292-9560 or stop by Baró at 1229 Post Road in Fairfield.  

Now, what kind of food can you expect?  Well, let’s start off by saying this:  Baró is brought to you by the same people who opened the celebrated Mezon in Danbury.  At Baró you can expect to taste the flavors of “A Cantina Redefined,” and you’ll have lots of choices with the “Ceviches and Greens,” “Skewers,” “Street Food,” “Tacos,” and “Family” portions of their menu.  Man, we’ve gotta get here STAT.

About Community Plates, Norwalk, CT

Community Plates is committed to ending food insecurity in America. Recognizing the problem as a matter of logistics, not a lack of food, the organization established a volunteer-driven, technology fueled method for transferring surplus food to those in need. The simple process includes food donors (e.g., grocery stores, restaurants, caterers, bakeries and other food-service establishments), food runners (individuals who pick-up and deliver donated food) and receiving agencies (e.g., soup kitchens, pantries, etc.). Scheduling is made easy with the web and smartphone enabled Community Plates’ GoRescue technology powered by WhenToManage, which received the 2013 Computerworld Honors Program 21st Century Achievement Award for human services. Since Community Plates was founded in 2011, more than 700 volunteers have rescued food that equates to over two-million meals. Launched and headquartered in Fairfield County, CT, Community Plates also operates in New Haven, CT, Albuquerque, NM and Columbus, OH with plans to expand to four more markets in 2014. For more information or to get involved visit: http://communityplates.org.

Grand Opening Party/Community Plates Fundraiser

Date:  2/19

Time:  6-9 PM

Cost:  $40

Place:  Baro

Address:  1229 Post Road

                    Fairfield, CT

Phone:  (203) 292-9560

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