Win a Bareburger Gift Card and Sir Kensington’s Condiment 4 Pack

10 Feb

What’s ironic about the name Bareburger is that you’d be crazy to ever order a bare burger there.  What, with all the different kinds of patties like beef, wild boar, ostrich, turkey, fried chicken, lamb, and wild boar, all the different burgers on the menu, or the countless options and toppings in order to make your own Barest Burger, you’d seriously have to be cray cray to order just a patty.

Well, whatever burger, sides, or shakes you order, things just got a bit saucier!  That’s because Bareburger is testing out a new ketchup in 5 select locations: Ridgefield, Park Slope, Chelsea, 73rd Street on the Upper East Side, and their Astoria location.  But, we’re not talking about just any old ketchup.  We’re talking about Sir Kensington’s, a gourmet, all-natural, non-GMO ketchup that some great restaurants like ABC Kitchen, Sarabeth’s, and Spotted Pig in NYC use.  Visit any of these locations, try out Bareburger’s new ketchup, then leave your feedback via comment card.

And, Bareburger and Sir Kensington’s has a treat in store for our readers, too:  a four pack of their condiments AND a $25 gift card to any Bareburger.  All you need to do to enter is copy then fill in the formula below then tweet it.  The contest begins right now and will go until Thursday (2/13/14) at 2 pm.  At that time we’ll randomly pick one person to win the Sir Kensington’s condiments 4 pack and the Bareburger gift card.

@Bareburger + @sirkensingtons = ????  #SirBareburger 

For example, check out our tweet:

For more about the organic, all-natural, grass-fed, free range, and sustainably raised food at Bareburger, check out their website and also our preview for their Ridgefield and upcoming Stamford location.  Also, drool over the descriptions of the Sir Kensington’s condiments that you can win:

Company Overview:  Sir Kensington’s creates award winning all-natural condiments. Debuting in 2010 by reinventing ketchup, Sir Kensington’s now offers multiple flavors of mayonnaise bringing choice and innovation to a previously forgotten category. By using high quality non-GMO ingredients and strict quality control methods, their customers enjoy both superb taste and nutritional benefits.

Classic Ketchup:  Modeled to be a highly-evolved natural variant of the ketchup taste you know. This is our magnum opus of sauce, –a classic reborn with a perfect balance of sweet and salty.

Spiced Ketchup:  Infused with chipotle peppers, cilantro, lime juice, agave nectar, honey, and coriander. Spicy enough to entertain your taste buds without overpowering, it packs a pleasant punch.

Classic Mayonnaise:  A culinary classic rediscovers elegance in a silky rich balance of savory citrus, bespeckled with black pepper.

Chipotle Mayonnaise:  This potent and versatile spread delivers a fiery finish through a smoky infusion of chipotle peppers in cumin garlic adobo.


2 Responses to “Win a Bareburger Gift Card and Sir Kensington’s Condiment 4 Pack”

  1. Marky Mark at 11:19 am #

    How come their website doesn’t mention a Stamford location?


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