$1,100 Fairway Market bucks up for grabs during free online Fleetwit game this Sunday

14 Feb

Screen Shot of Fleetwit's Fairway Market Challenge

Say whhhaaaaaaa?  $1,100 worth of gift cards to Fairway Market for playing a game online?  Yup, you heard that right!  Your first step is to register for Fleetwit, a fun and quick-paced online race that tests not only your knowledge of brands, but also how quick your wits are.  After that, you’ll need to find the Fairway contest (or just click here) and register for the race.  You’ll even see an option to enter your phone number in and they’ll send you a text 15 minutes before the trivia game stats so that you’re ready to go!

The contest is being held this Sunday (2/16/14) at 8:30 pm, so you’ll want to start to do some prep work so you can take home some major swag:

1)  Practice some of the quizzes already on the site so that you get a feel for some of the questions, challenges, and puzzles.

2) Study up on Fairway Market.  What’s their slogan, where are their stores located, what kind of products do they sell, what’s unique about them?  These are all questions that could show up.

3) Bang it out and win those prizes!  Some contests allow you to play again and try to improve, so check to see if you can do that.  Also, make sure you’ve got about 5-10 minutes…that’s the average range of time for a game.

4)  When the game is done, they’ll post the winners.  Happy shopping, OmNomivores!

Here are the prize lists for The Fairway “Super” Market Sweep:

  • 1st Place – $500 Gift Card
  • 2nd Place – $250 Gift Card
  • 3rd Place – $100 Gift Card
  • 4th -10th – $25 Gift Card
  • 11-25: $5 Gift Gard

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