Get a deal on some juicy balls this Valentine’s Day…

14 Feb


Nothing says Valentine’s Day like balls, lots and lots of balls.  And, just as The Local Meatball says, you’ll “Ball in Love” with the deal they’ve got going on starting today and going until 2/16!  If you call Mike and co. up at (203) 258-6317 and set up a catering job, they’ll get ya a sweet deal…you don’t even need the specific date yet.  If you’re planning on ballin’ it with up to 25 guests, they’ll give you a $50 discount and you’ll only pay $400.  And, if you’ve having a big party for 25-50 people, they’ll drop the price down $75 to $800.  You don’t just get a choice of 3 meatballs, either.  You’ll also get rolls, drinks, and the guest of honor gets a The Local Meatball shirt!

Kick in da meatballs from The Local MeatballIf you take advantage of this order, you’ll have their tried and true variety of meatballs that have been taking Fairfield County by storm, but there will also be some new additions.  Mike DiStassio, owner and head-baller, told us that they’ll have two new balls available:  a Bacon Cheeseburger and Sausage and Peppers balls.  In addition, for catering only, they’ll be introducing their gluten-free ball!

The Local Meatball Food Cart in FairfieldEven if you’re not having a party, you’ll want to keep your schedule open as the weather gets nicer, specifically on March 29 when The Local Meatball launches Season 2 in Fairfield!  Mike plans for his second year in business to be bigger, better, and ballsier.  He’s heard you and he’ll be trying to keep a more solid schedule (he’ll announce in the beginning of April) so you can get your fix.  Look for him at Two Roads, The Green on Reef Road, late Thursday nights at The Seagrape, and lots of other places, too.

Plus, Mike just might have a few things hidden up those meatball-laden sleeves of his…

2 Responses to “Get a deal on some juicy balls this Valentine’s Day…”

  1. Leslie at 9:17 am #

    God, I freakin LOVE Mike and his balls :D The buffalo chicken ones are my favorite (so far!!!!!)


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