Stop by Garden Catering + Other Local Spots to Help Fund Camp Promise + Fight ALS

27 Feb


Time flies…it’s unbelievable to think that this is the third year that we’ve talked to everybody about the Camp Promise fundraiser, organized by our friend James Lacerenza.  Oh, and do you know what else?  Swineus Fugit!  Pigs Fly!  (You like how we worked that in?)

That’s because Garden Catering in Greenwich ( 177 Hamilton Avenue), Old Greenwich ( 185 1/2 Sound Beach Avenue), and Stamford (235 Main Street) are selling Flying Pigs to help raise money for Camp Promise East.  This very worthy organization allows people of all ages who have muscular dystrophy to attend a safe, fun, and interactive summer camp.  Some of these kids and adults who attend have never had a chance to swim, play sports, or rarely get the chance to interact with others in a fun way, so Camp Promise is amazing for them.

So, just stop by any of those three Garden Catering locations, buy a pig for $1 or $5, put your name on it (maybe a note too?), and they’ll post it up on their walls.  Hey, and while you’re there, make sure to load up on some redonkulous Garden Catering food, especially their specials!  Also, the pigs will be available for sale at UConn Stamford (typically 10-3), Westhill High, Stamford High, New Canaan High, and Palmer’s Market (March 1-17).  If you can’t make it to any of these places, then all you have to do is scoot over to and give a direct donation!

Now, back to Garden Catering:  they’ll be selling pigs until March 17, 2014 when everything culminates with Stamford and Greenwich Against Dystrophy Day!  On that day, Garden Catering in Greenwich, Old Greenwich, and Stamford will donate 10% of their sales that day, equally, to Camp Promise East and ALS-TDI who is working around the clock to find the cure and treatment for ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.  

To pledge that you’ll be there, head on over to the event page on Facebook, join in, and share!

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