Tap Takeover of Shebeen Brewing with Headbrewer Rich Visco at Westbrook Lobster in Wallingford

28 Feb

facebook_1411708136Don’t be so shellfish…scuttle down to Westbrook Lobster in Wallingford for a special tasting of Shebeen Brewing!  On tap will be their famous Cannoli Beer, the Rye Porter that we just reviewed, their Irish Pale Ale, their Black Hop IPA that people are big fans of, and ???.  Oh man, it’s a ???!  That’s gonna be awesome considering Shebeen’s creative brews.  Will it be their Kona Bacon Stout, Cucumber Wasabi, Concord Grape Saison or something completely different?

It’s well worth the trip to find out on March 5 at 7 pm…plus you’ll get to meet and talk with owner and headbrewer, Rich Visco!  Oh, and don’t forget where you’ll be:  Westbrook Lobster!  Come on now!  You know you’re ready for some awesome seafood!

Shebeen Brewing Co. Tap Takeover

Date:  3/5/14

Time:  7 pm

Place:  Westbrook Lobster

Address:  300 Church Street

                    Yalesville, CT 06492

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