Hoptimists Rejoice: Half Full Brewery of Stamford Expands into Hartford, Windham, and Tolland Counties…and???

7 Mar

When we went to the January Rare Beer Night at Half Full Brewery, we had these crazy flashbacks.  Images of the building shot into our heads…images of the building’s guts torn apart, images of Conor and crew ripping apart a second floor to make way for a tasting room, and images of a half-finished brewery.  And, we woke up from our flashback, looked around and saw the tasting room packed, people eager and thirsty for some Half Full beer.  Damn, it was amazing to see what a difference a year could make!

But, this ain’t no bonsai tree, this hop-headed monster can’t be cut or trimmed down…nope, they expand and grow again!  This time, they have expanded out and are serving their brews in Hartford, Windham, and Tolland Counties.  That means there are only two other counties in CT left for them to conquer…not too shabby for this Stamford-based brewery, huh?

And, as you know there has been lots of talk about canning Half Full so they can reach liquor stores…well, more proof this will actually happen came from Half Full yesterday, confirming that, YES, they’ll start to can their brews “as early as May 2014.”

Congratulations to Conor, Jen, Jordan, Jon, Amanda, Ben, Lindsay, and everybody in the Half Full Brew Crew!

Here’s to you…cheers!

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