Barcelona SoNo Turns Spanish Farmers’ Market for La Vida del Mercat

18 Mar
You haven’t lived until you’ve experienced the open air markets that are dotted all around Spain.  Just a few years ago, we were able to check out La Boqueria, a huge Spanish market with stalls filled with juices, fresh fruit, meats, spices, cafes, pizza places, bars, and so much more.  It was really a dizzying experience, but we were definitely in heaven with the variety of foods that we had around.  We both agreed that if we had something like this near us, we’d be there every single week.  
Well, wouldn’t you know it, but Barcelona in SoNo is bringing some of this vibe back with their own version of the Spanish farmers’ market with “La Vida del Mercat” on April 16 at 7 pm.  They’ll be featuring some local food, brews, and drinks, while also highlighting some of Barcelona’s favorite imports from Spain and Europe including cheese, wine, and meats.  And, if you desire something a little more substantial than just nibbles here and there , there will be some specially crafted dishes using produce from the Westport based Speckled Rooster Farm to nom away on.  All of this awesomeness comes together for just $40 per person (sign up here), quite a deal considering everything you’ll get with descriptions from a recent press release:
•             Forever Cheese  ( – Primarily focusing on cheese imported from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Croatia, Forever Cheese debuted in 1998 in order to meet the increasing demand for Mediterranean products.
•             Captain Lawrence Brewing Company  – An Award-winning brewery located in Elmsford, NY, their beers are strongly influenced by traditional Belgian ale styles with an American twist.
•             Docs Maple Syrup ( – Hand crafted, organic maple syrup from Carpenters Farm in NY, Docs Maple Syrup has been producing NY’s best maple syrup through their unique process guaranteeing natural sweetness straight from the trees.
•             Catalan Gourmet ( – A unique global organization that works with an exclusive network of small food producers in Spain, Catalan Gourmet imports their exquisite products in the USA.
•             Caledonia Spirits (– Located in Hardwick, VT, Caledonia country is a community inspired by farms where the production of milk, cheese, timber, grains, honey, seeds and herbs are part of life and help define the land. Essential ingredients from local farms are used to produce all of Caledonia Spirits.
•             Monte Nevado – Monte Nevado is a family business founded in 1898 and has perfect the art of creating hams of the best quality. Typical food of the Spanish gastronomy, the Monte Nevado ham is one of the most appetizing delicacies among the cured hams of the highest quality.
•             Gretchen’s Selections – Since 2006, Barteca Wine & Spirits Director, Gretchen Thomas, has been managing a small portfolio of dynamic, artisanal wines for the Barcelona wine program. The wines Gretchen selects have very special stories attached to each producer and she has a personal relationship with each grower she represents. They are premium, small production wines that through her partnership with Classic Imports, are made affordable enough to offer at glass-pouring prices when they otherwise would be unable via traditional channels of importation. Barcelona Wine Bar proudly offers these outstanding selections, and shares them with other local restaurants and wine retailers to help extend the success of these great wineries.
•             Recaredo ( – If you are a champagne enthusiast, this Catalonia-based cava producer is worth discovering. It is a small family-owned cava producer with big ambitions and wines that are somewhat different than the usual. They are organic and biodynamic.
 And, believe it or not, there will be even more producers added along the way.  Make sure to check their site for updated vendors from time to time.

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