Kawa Ni: Bill Taibe to Open Japanese Pub with Pan-Asian Flavors at Bridge Square Market in Saugatuck

27 Mar
Chef Taibe is outstanding in his field...

Chef Taibe will be opening his third restaurant shortly…you ready?

Update: Kawa Ni is now open and here’s our review!

We saw the news a couple of weeks ago from LeFarm:  “Signed…”  A slew of comments, congratulations, and demands for answers from hungry fans lit up their Facebook page.  Signed what?  Autographs, Declaration of Independence, soul to the devil, or a lease to a new place?  Yes, the latter…but what kind?

Some of the gyoza Chef Taibe devoured in Osaka…

Well, we got our answers when Chef Bill Taibe shared some insights with us into his new spot, soon to be the third restaurant in his arsenal of Westport hotspots.  A name?  That’s in the works now, but he does say that they are close to coming up with one, “Japanese for sure,” he promises.

And, that takes us to the food.  If you follow LeFarm on Facebook, you probably saw that Chef Taibe went to Japan recently.  He confessed that he has always loved Asian food and has wanted to visit Japan for the longest time.  Along the way of his culinary voyage he learned more about Japanese culture, the food they enjoy, and even how they eat.  “They have such a deep respect for food, family and community,” Chef Taibe shared with us.

And these are some Takoyaki that he sampled…

So, it might not be much of a shocker to see that Chef Taibe has brought his love of Asian cuisine with his passion of Japanese culture together into a Japanese pub style restaurant, or an Izakaya.  The menu will feature a large portion of small plates, so get ready to taste flavors from China, Korea, Japan, and South East Asia:  truly Pan-Asian.  And, yes, the new restaurant that is in Bridge Square Market will feature long sake, white wine, beer, and even sochu (usually distilled from barley, sweet potatoes, buckwheat, or rice) selections.

Putting some flare into the dishes will be Executive Chef Jeff Taibe, who worked with his brother at LeFarm and who was Executive Chef at Southwest Cafe and Oak + Almond.  Both chefs are developing the menu into something amazing that we’re sure Fairfield County won’t be able to get enough of.

As for the opening date, Chef Taibe shared that you can expect a Summer 2014 opening, adding in, “I hope.”  Yes, we all hope too.

Kawa Ni on Urbanspoon

15 Responses to “Kawa Ni: Bill Taibe to Open Japanese Pub with Pan-Asian Flavors at Bridge Square Market in Saugatuck”

  1. JT at 4:38 pm #

    Bill’s new place is to be called “kawaNi”. Break it baby. You heard it here first.


  2. We’ll erase that for you, but thanks for reading and commenting.


  3. pierre lefoie at 9:09 pm #

    who is bill taibe?


    • A noted chef here in CT. He is James Beard nominated and is also cooking his second Outstanding in the Field event this year. He’s also a huge proponent of local food and farms.


  4. mla19 at 6:34 pm #

    So excited about this!!



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