The Dark Crystal Themed Cocktails and Party Before Cult Classic Night at Avon Theatre- Stamford, CT

15 Apr

Watch Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal at The Avon with a party beforehand…

The Avon Theatre at 272 Bedford St. in Stamford is hosting a movie series sure to reawaken the kid inside of you.  Cult Classics takes you back to some of the most talked about and important films of our generation.  The last film featured was Back to the Future (there are few movies that are better, we argue) and this time around on 4/22/14 at 8:30 they’ll be showing Jim Henson’s work of muppet art, The Dark Crystal.  The showing will also be special because it has been recently digitally remastered.  Tickets are free for Carte Blance, $11 for non-members, $6 for members, or $8 for Students and Seniors.  But, if you use code “Gelfling” at the Box Office you’ll get in at member price…suh-WEET!

Erin Shea and Meg Dalton having some Back to the Future inspired fun. Now, where’s that Flux Capacitor?

If this isn’t awesome enough for you, prepare for your mind to be blown…there’s a pre-party going down at FISH (245 Bedford), only a hop, skip, and a few jumps from the Avon.  The fun starts at 7:30 with a free drink!  But, we’re not talking about any ol’ drinks.  Our buddy, the eternally awesome Meg Dalton of Eat for Equity and Ignite Stamford, has created three Dark Crystal based drinks for you to enjoy:

Gin Henson

Dark & Stormy Crystal

The Skinny Skeksis.

So, come on down, have some drinks, some food, and some fun.  The next Cult Classic movie after this is Army of Darkness, set to play on 5/27/14.    See ya there!

Here’s more info about The Dark Crystal, right from The Avon Theatre…

ABOUT THE FILM: Jim Henson’s all-Muppet fantasy feature THE DARK CRYSTAL was made three years before LABYRINTH and was Henson’s attempt to make something more “adult” than his previous work. The Crystal maintains the equilibrium in a mythical kingdom, and when the Crystal is broken, the evil Skeksis take over, killing off the good Gelflings and enslaving everyone else. Two of the Gelflings have survived: Jen was raised by the all-knowing Mystics, while Kira grew up amongst the swamp-dwelling Podlings. Jen and Kira join forces to “heal” the Dark Crystal and restore order to the world.

Rated PG | In English | 93 minutes

2 Responses to “The Dark Crystal Themed Cocktails and Party Before Cult Classic Night at Avon Theatre- Stamford, CT”

  1. Jessica @ Fit Talker April 15, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    Unfortunately i’ll be out of town, but I love this movie. Glad to know that (maybe) it’s not just me!


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro April 15, 2014 at 10:52 am #

      :( Man, that always seems to be the case. We feel your pain, it happens to us all the time. Glad to see that you’re not alone, huh? :) Their next one is Army of Darkness if you like that one…


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