A trifecta of events to make Derby Day 2014 awesome in Milford, New Haven, + Norwalk

24 Apr

2014 marks the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby, the Indy 500 of the horse-racing world.  As we mentioned in our post about the special Kentucky bourbon tasting at Harry’s, the derby is really just an excuse for people to dress in huge ass hats and wear lots of Vineyard Vines and searsucker suits.  But, you can’t just get all dressed up and all fancy looking then stay at home.  Psssh, what fun would that be?  You best believe that we’ve got to help you out a bit.  So, here are three really exciting and adventurous things to do on Derby Day…hideous hat not necessarily included.

Plan B Burger, Milford

While all the Plan B Burger Bars will be celebrating Derby Day from 4-7 pm, only Milford will be hosting a special sit-down dinner.  Oh, but not just any dinner…a 6 course dinner that will feature plenty of great bourbon.  Tickets are just $45 and the dinner goes from 4:30-7.  There will be prizes for best dressed, best hat, there will be raffles, the races will be on, and there will be Four Roses Mint Juleps all damn day.  Here’s the menu:

1) A trio of deviled eggs:  Shrimp, truffle, candied ham

2) Country Ham Biscuit:  Biscuit, ginger smoked ham, poached egg, fig jam, blue cheese butter, asparagus

3) Hot Tom:  Roasted turkey, grilled ciabatta, fresh tomato, bacon, bourbon béchamel

4) Cola Braised Brisket & Rosted Peaches:  Brisket, Peaches, Brussel sprouts, cola demi-glace

5) Chicken and Pop Corn:  Fried chicken, bourbon bacon maple popcorn, succotash

6) Mint Julep Mousse:  Mint Mousse, Vanilla Bourbon Mousse, Candied Lime

Mama’s Boy Southern Table & Refuge, Norwalk

Mama’s Boy is keeping things all Southern-like with their Kentucky Derby Party.  Join them from 3-7 for your shot at winning prizes for Best Derby Hat and Best Derby Attire.  Also, another reason to go…free cigars from Connecticut Cigar Company who will be on hand.  Oh, and what goes better with a cigar and some comforting Southern food than cocktails that feature some Bulleit Bourbon?

Lighting a Fire to End Homelessness Pig Roast, New Haven

If prettyfying yourself and watching horses race ain’t yo thang, we’ve got an event for you to go hog wild over.  Yup, we’re drooling over what’s planned for this event at Common Ground (358 Springside Avenue) from 4-8 pm.  The Caseus crew (who are being honored at this event) will be preparing a roast pig and will be pairing that with plenty of their awesome cheeses…holy cheezus.  And, don’t fret, there will be plenty to drink with Two Roads and other craft breweries representing as well as Ordinary mixing up some not so ordinary/killer cocktails.  In addition, there will be live music by Old School, a silent auction, and chances to learn more about the environment and urban farming.  

The pig roast will benefit Columbus House who makes it their mission to help people overcome and fight homelessness through support and various programs.  Tickets are $75 for adults or $30 for children aged 4-12.  For additional info contact Sheree at (203) 401-4400 x138 or via e-mail at sdimario@columbushouse.org.

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