Because I’m Hoppy: Homebrewing Fundraiser for Greenwich Library w/ Maltose Express

8 May
Make sure to get your tix!

Make sure to get your tix!

Want to try your hand at homebrewing? It’s been a dream of ours for a while, so we’re excited to take the next steps by checking out the Homebrewing Fundraiser at the Greenwich Library. Your beer education and experience starts at 6:30 on May 30 and goes until 8:30. Tickets to this event are just $50 per person and that includes learning about homebrewing, samples, beer “recipes,” pizza, and even refreshments. Given the nature of this fundraiser, you’ll have to be 21+ to attend…sorry four year olds who want to learn about hops. Buy your tickets by clicking here or by calling up Sarah Falvo at (203) 622-7957.

Here are some more details about the event:

• Learn about homebrewing from start to finish with Maltose Express

• They’ll brew a fresh batch of beer right in front of you!

• You’ll have a chance to interact, touch and sniff hops, malt, and grains

• You’ll even have tastes of homebrewed beer!

• Maltose Express will have recipes on hand so you can brew any kind of beer that you’d like!

• Proceeds from the fundraiser will go directly to Greenwich Library programs and services

More about Maltose Express:

Located in Monroe, Maltose Express is Connecticut’s largest homebrewing and wine making supply center and educational resource in the Northeast. The company stocks everything a homebrewer needs to brew their first, or next, batch of beer: home brewing equipment, 60 varieties of grain, 50 varieties of hops in pellets and 15 varieties in flower form. They offer homebrewing classes and give grain brewing demos throughout the year. They have gathered more that 450 clone and original recipes from around the world starting with two books of clone recipes, “Clone Brews” and “Beer Captured.” Between them, these books contain 350 recipes from light Lagers to Barleywines, from Witbiers to the hoppiest of Imperial IPAs. Winemaking supplies, equipment and kits are also available. There are always two beers and wines on tap for visitors to sample, too.

2 Responses to “Because I’m Hoppy: Homebrewing Fundraiser for Greenwich Library w/ Maltose Express”

  1. Jasmine Posey May 8, 2014 at 12:51 pm #

    Thank you so much, Dan & Kristien for promoting our Greenwich Library event.


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