Avon Theatre teams up with Melt Mobile for showings of Jon Favreau’s Chef

16 May

We heart food trucks…

Thanks to our talented friend Bridget Stokes, we found out about the local release of one of the most anticipated movies in the food scene:  Chef.  This movie, directed by none other than Jon Favreau (Iron Man Trilogy, The Wolf of Wall Street, Friends) follows Chef Carl Jasper, played by Favreau himself, who quits his job at a very well known LA restaurant.  The truth is, he doesn’t want to be controlled, confined, or have his creativity limited.  So, he quits his job and says goodbye to the owner (played by Dustin Hoffman) and begins the next chapter of his life in Miami.  There in Florida, he teams up with his son, his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara…is this realistic, would you actually divorce her???), and his buddy (John Leguizamo) on a brand new venture:  starting his own food truck.  From there, Chef Jasper has an awakening, like buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree, reaching enlightenment.

Bobby Flay preps the tomato soup that will soon be handed out to hungry munchers

Bobby Flay preps the tomato soup that will soon be handed out to hungry munchers

You’ll be able to see this movie (we’re so excited) right at The Avon on 275 Bedford Street in Stamford, starting May 23.   On opening day there will be three showings (they aren’t listed yet, check back here for info) and cost $6 for members or $11 for nonmembers.  As an added bonus for you, Darlene from Melt Mobile will be on hand opening day for all three showings, serving up her killer grilled cheese sandwiches.  You might remember that Darlene was going to start the Melt Mobile food truck when she read on our blog about an audition to be on a new Bobby Flay show about new business owners starting up a restaurant.  Both Darlene and Diana got the part, made it onto an episode, and their success as a food truck grew astronomically.  Now, they’ve become so popular and so well-known that they’ve launched a second Melt Mobile truck.

So, here’s to the food-lovers, the dreamers, the chefs, and all the food truck operators out there…

Avon Theatre Film Center, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

272 Bedford Street

Stamford, CT 06901

(203) 967-3660 


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