Bacon Contest, BBQ + More @ Pork in the Park 2014 – Stamford, CT

19 Jun

Pork in the Park is back…bigger, badder, and BBQ’er than last year!

“That’s too much bacon.” -No one ever.

Yeah, we say that you just load that bacon on. For breakfast, for lunch, for brunch, for dinner, for linner, for snack time, and for dessert. Bacon: it’s what’s shaking and what we’re making. And…speaking of Makin’ Bacon, let’s take you to Day 2 (7/13) of The 2nd Annual Pork in the Park Festival. Along with live music, BBQ shops via the

Who will take home the bacon?

Who will take home the bacon?

new BBQ Town, food trucks, and drink vendors, there will be a contest to see which restaurant in Stamford makes the best bacon dish. Entry to this special event from 2-5 costs just an additional $10 or less (TBD) in addition to the $10 admission fee, gets you tastes of all the dishes, and gives you a shot to vote on your fave.  The winner gets some major bragging rights and gets to take home a cash prize.  Plus, all proceeds go right to The Mill River Collaborative and The Mayor’s Youth Employment Program, so your addiction to bacon can serve some altruistic value.  If you’re a Stamford restaurant or chef and would like a spot in the contest, there just might be a spot for you.  Call up Shelly Kapitulik at (203) 898-1501 or e-mail her at


Cute butts ready to race!

Cute butts ready to race!

But, Pork in the Park, held on July 12 + 13, isn’t just about bacon.  It’s about cooking demos, shops, lots of food and BBQ, cute pig races, and live music.  Here are all the saucy details with more on the way:

Saturday, July 12 from 11-9 pm ($10 adults, $5 kids, 5 and under free)

• All day music (line-up coming soon)

• BBQ Town – Speciality BBQ food and product vendors

• Food demos (line-up coming soon)

• People’s Choice BBQ Competition

• Best Wings in the morning

• Best Ribs in the afternoon

Sunday, July 13 from 12-5 pm ($10 adults, $5 kids, 5 and under free)

• All day music (line-up to follow)

• Makin’ Bacon with local Restaurants competing for Best Bacon Dish from 2-5.  Entry fee TBD, but goes directly to charity.  

• BBQ Town – Speciality BBQ food and product vendors

Pork in the Park Festival

Cost:  $10 for adults, $5 for kids, 5 and under free

Makin’ Bacon:  $TBD

July 12 from 11-9

July 13 from 12-5

Where:  Mill River Park

1050 Washington Blvd.

Stamford, CT

2 Responses to “Bacon Contest, BBQ + More @ Pork in the Park 2014 – Stamford, CT”

  1. uhcowboys June 19, 2014 at 9:24 am #

    Sooooo glad that they have added the People’s Choice portion to this event. I have been to BBQ festivals with and without this and to me it’s always the main thing that separates great fests from average fests. In my opinion when they don’t do the people’s choice part I always find it odd…sort of like “ummm, am I missing something…sooo, I CAN’T eat any of the competitors BBQ?” Just seems odd to do it that way (though, again other festivals have done it that way as well). Should be a great time…as long as the heat is in check. That was the only time in my life I thought I was going to pass out from the heat. Perhaps they should put up a tent over where you eat…or plant a tree :)


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro June 19, 2014 at 9:30 am #

      The bacon contest will be tented, at least we can tell yah! And, yeah, we hear ya about the bbq being people’s choice. Does make sense. Let’s hope for a cool weekend!


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