Shakesbeer Festival 2014: To Thine Own Yeast Be True!

24 Jun

A festival by any other name just ain’t cool ’nuff

Last year, we graced you with our Shakesbeerian musings in honor of the first ever Shakesbeer Festival. And, alas, we shall share more verse (you’re welcome):

Thou likest foam?

Thou likest foam?

“One sip of beer makes the whole world kin.”

“To thine own yeast be true, and it must follow, as the ale to the stout, thou canst not be false to any beer.”

“Budweiser is the curse of God; craft beer is the wing therewith we fly to heaven.”

“Pleasure and beer make the hours seem short.”

So, what is The Shakesbeer Festival, you ask?  A festival (the 2nd annual) built around great beer, live music, and craft food, put together to help raise money to reopen The American Shakespeare Theater in Stratford.  Tickets are $40 for this year’s event at The American Shakespeare Theater in Stratford on August 23 from 1-7pm.  Tickets can be purchased now, so why wait?  For more details, check out our post from last year and their site).


NEBCO ineth the houseth...

NEBCO ineth the houseth…

If you need a little more convincing, there are more than 60 breweries represented.  We’re talking about Thimble Island, Blind Pug Ales, Brooklyn, Dogfish Head, North Coast, Wolaver’s, Long Trail, Sam Adams, Otter Creek, The Shed, Narragansett, Harpoon, Back East, Cisco, Blue Point, Shebeen, Foolproof, Clown Shoes, Six Point, Beaver, Charter Oak, New England Brewing, Otter Creek, Berkshire Brewing Company, Two Roads and more.  And, speaking of Two Roads, they’ll be tapping a one-of-a-kind, one-time-only cask ale just for this event.

And, you’ll be happy to know that there will be plenty of food too:

Vazzy’s Brick Oven Restaurant

Thou desireth roll of lobster?  Quench thy famishment.

Thou desireth roll of lobster? Quench thy famishment.


The Spud Stud

Lora’s Cupcakes

Zack’s Frozen Yogurt

Firehouse Grill

2nd Annual Shakesbeer Festival

August 23 from 1-7 pm

$40 per person

The American Shakespeare Theater

1850 Elm Street

Stratford, CT

Must be 21 or over to drink beer (if thou art 20, thou canst drink)



3 Responses to “Shakesbeer Festival 2014: To Thine Own Yeast Be True!”

  1. Bottom-Side-Up Brewing CO. June 24, 2014 at 12:59 pm #

    Bottom-Side-Up Brewing CO. will also be there serving beer. We look forward to meeting some new people and receiving some feedback on our three different offerings. (



  1. Ultimate Guide to Summer Beer Fests and Events in CT — 2015 | OmNomCT - June 18, 2015

    […] Charity tie-in: Tix help to fund the revival of the American Shakespeare Theatre! […]


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