Discount + Free Farm Fresh Delivery from Fresh Nation w/ OmNomCT

25 Jun
Click here to get your delivery started!

Click here to get your delivery started!

Do you know what’s frustrating?  Wanting to eat healthy, fresh, and local food, but rarely having a chance to get any.  Sure, there are plenty of farms nearby, but most of them take an hour or so to get there.  And, yes, there are lots of farmers’ markets, but many of them don’t fit in with work schedules.  So, isn’t it awesome that there’s a company like Fresh Nation that sends out your own personal shopper to get you all you need… and then delivers it right to your house?

Can't make WFM?  Get it delivered!

Can’t make WFM on Thursdays? Set up delivery!

Yeah, it’s a pretty awesome way to keep eating and supporting local food providers, without putting a huge wrench in your busy schedule.  Right now Fresh Nation is focused on Fairfield (they just recently added Westport Farmers’ Market!) and Westchester County and has recently expanded out into parts of Los Angeles, too.

So, to get you started (and hooked no doubt) on this farm-to-kitchen delivery service, we’ve teamed up with Fresh Nation to give you an OmNomCT EXCLUSIVE offer (oh you fancy, huh?). Not only will you get 10% off your purchase, but you’ll also get free delivery.  And, ya know what’s even better?  This deal is always available as long as you keep buying by clicking through the link in this post, or on our side button to the right.  Yep, so you’ll get the deal again, and again, and again, and… well, you get the picture.

When we checked for delivery times, we had 5 options (yours might be different depending on the day that you order):

Wednesday, 12-4

Thursday, 11-3

Friday, 1-4

Saturday, 11-3

Sunday, 9:30-1:30

From farm and market to your kitchen…

As for farms and local producers available in Fairfield County, they have flowers, veggies, fruits, condiments, meats, baked goods, sweets, prepared foods, etc. from Aradia Farm, Ox Hollow Farm, Riverbank Farm, Silvermine Apiary, Beltane Farm, Simply Delicious, Sankow Beaver Brook Farms, Riverbank Farm, Izzi B’s Allergy Free Bakery, Beldotti Bakery, Bistro Du Soleil, Smith’s Acres, Connecticut Gourmet, Kelly’s Four Plus Granola, and more.

Thanks again to Fresh Nation for naming us Local Food Champions and for all the work they do.  It ain’t easy being green, but they’re certainly helping out. ;)

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