Fairway’s Firefighters Food Face-Off, Free BBQ, Games, Music, Samples, + Customer Appreciation Day!

14 Jul
Make sure you come down to Fairway Stamford's free event on Saturday!

Make sure you come down to Fairway Stamford’s free event on Saturday!

Normally firefighters are putting out blazes, but on 7/19 from 12-3 in the Fairway Stamford parking lot, smoke and fire is good.  That’s because the Cos Cob Fire Department, Norton Heights Fire Department, Westport Firefighters, and Belltown Fire Department are battling it out to see who the Fourth Annual Fairway’s Firefighters Food Face-Off winners will be.  The winners not only get to relish in the spotlight, but they’ll also get a $500 Fairway gift card and their own shopping night that puts 25% of sales into the hands of their favorite charity.  

And, we have to say, winning will be tough this year, especially with OmNomCT (that’s us btw), PJ Kennedy of Hey Stamford, and Scott Gargan of The Stamford Advocate at the judge’s table.  We’ll be looking for the key components of good BBQ such as flavor, tenderness, and technique.  Extra sassiness just might factor into the equation, too, so bring your game firefighters!

Everybody is invited to come by, too, sample the food like chicken, ribs, and burgers, and take part in a fun-filled day.  There will be games, face painting, and even fire trucks on hand to explore.  Also, you’ll want to head inside to Fairway to check out some giveaways, more samples, and some specials because Saturday has been declared Customer Appreciation day, too.  

Cos Cob won last years, so let’s see if they can keep their title or if another group will take home the prize.  Whoever wins, both of us here at OmNomCT win because we get to nom away on some awesome BBQ!  Good luck to everybody and we hope to see lots of you there…please say hi. 


The Vitals

Stamford BBQ Battle

7/19 from 12-3 pm

Cost?  Free!

Fairway Stamford

699 Canal Street

Stamford, CT


2 Responses to “Fairway’s Firefighters Food Face-Off, Free BBQ, Games, Music, Samples, + Customer Appreciation Day!”


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