Preview the Rustic Charm of Little Pub Greenwich, Soon to Open

13 Aug

Exterior of Little Pub Greenwich 

Around this time next week, you just might be at the bar, sipping some drinks outside, or enjoying the rustic charm of Little Pub Greenwich. Greenwich’s newest restaurant is the third in the LP series, including their Ridgefield and Wilton locations. When we broke the news about the opening back in November 2013, the reaction was out of control, so we can only imagine how successful they’ll be starting next week.

The fireplace by the bar

The fireplace by the bar

Well, you’re probably excited to learn more about LP, so let’s take you through a guided tour that the people at Little Pub were kind enough to arrange for us.  First of all, 99% of everything from Fonda La Paloma has been gutted out, even including the rafters.  What remains is warm, rustic, barn-like materials that give off a relaxing and at home feel to this Greenwich spot.  Huge roughly hewn rafters stretch across room to room, opening up the area.  The bar also makes you feel all cozy inside (there’s a fireplace too) and has interesting features throughout.  For example, there are beautiful coat of arms stained glass windows and even two backlight signs over the bar that say “Chemicals” and Analyses.”  Don’t worry, though, there’s a TV so you can still keep an eye on the tube.

One of the fun features of LP are the stained glass windows throughout the bar area

One of the fun features of LP are the stained glass windows throughout the bar area

Then, through the main door (it’s bright red of course, fitting their trademark design) is the heart of the restaurant.  Just mosy on through the handmade custom wood doors and you’re in the main dining room.  There is so much character with peaked ceilings, chandeliers, lights, hideaway spots, and angles that you can’t help but look around.  Off to both sides are comfy red leather benches or you could sit at some of the custom-made tables that were actually made in the craftsman’s basement.  Yes, each table was made in his basement…sick.  You’ll especially want a seat in the middle when their open fireplace is going.

Also, during the warmer months, you can take your drinks outside and enjoy some cocktails or beers by their outdoor fireplace.  The plan is to have some tables set up outside eventually, so get ready for that, too.   Finally, one of the things that you probably won’t see is the kitchen.  When you enter the cooking area, the kitchen itself is to the left, while there’s a side prep room and fridge off to the right side with a water-side view.  A huge walk-in can be found down a short flight of stairs along with a bathroom just for the kitchen staff (awesome, btw).  Also in the basement we were shown a small alcove off to the side that’s big enough for storage.  We joked that they should have a special: if you buy 20 drinks in a night, you can stay in the alcove to sleep off the drinks.  Make this happen, Little Pub!

Best seat in the house, right by the awesome fireplace

Best seat in the house, right by the awesome fireplace

Little Pub’s fun and creative take on pub food remains as the focus of their food menu.  Like their other two spots, you can expect the same reliable food along with amazing specials like their Port Chester Quesadiila, General Tso’s Chipotle Wings, and the Manchester Burger.  (Tip: make sure you follow LP on FB so you can see what the specials of the day are.)  Executive Chef Tim Passaro Jr. will spend a great deal of his time at LP Greenwich and will be circulating between Ridgefield and Wilton as the LP Greenwich crew gets more into the swing of things after many successful services.  As for drinks, expect great craft brew choices with 5 brews on tap that are not light beer along with lots of others available in bottles and cans.  Also, there will be plenty of wine options as well as cocktails if you need a beer break…but really…who needs that?  Heretic!

Final Notes

All permits are secured, dry ingredients like salt and pepper have arrived, but there’s one thing in the way of opening day for LP:  the parking lot.  They tore it up recently so that it could be repaved, but that has been delayed due to circumstances beyond their control.  Hopefully, though, it can be repaved soon, because once that’s done, they can get in their produce, meats, and other supplies that they need to open for business.  When they do open, the kitchen hours will go from 11:30-10, with Sunday’s food service ending by 9.   But, remember…there’s still a bar! ;)

And here's the dining area in its full glory!

And here’s the dining area in its full glory!

So, while we’re excited for their opening, we’re a bit worried.  See, mainly worried about our waistlines…especially because the jamburger and good brews are only about 8 minutes away from us.  Well, there are worse problems in the world…

Little Pub Greenwich

531 East Putnam Ave.
Cos Cob, CT 06897
(203) 717-1147

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  1. kayelewis August 14, 2014 at 3:38 pm #

    Reblogged this on Kaye Lewis and commented:
    I am so looking forward to this! Can’t wait!


  2. Laura Downey August 13, 2014 at 10:22 am #

    This is great for Greenwich! Love Little Pub


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro August 13, 2014 at 9:47 pm #

      Totally agreed, Laura! It adds more variety to the restaurant scene and also gives people more life out in that part of Greenwich!



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