Mole Stout OmNomCT Collabo + Casa Villa @ Half Full Rare Beer Night

7 Oct
The first stages of the Half Full Mole Stout

The first stages of the Half Full Mole Stout

Patience. Overwhelming, meticulous, and methodical patience. That’s what we discovered Jen Muckerman, Headbrewer at Half Full, has as we brewed a beer together. A serious scientific and orderly mind that moves her to create an arsenal of beer on tap at the brewery and for distribution. And, a nice little side effect was some of that rubbing off on us…yeah, we know: patience is a virtue and stuff.

It all started back at Dinosaur Bar-b-que after the Rare Beer Night on the SoundWaters boat a few months back. Jen said we should do a beer together so we were like…damn right, son! We talked about it for hours and hours. We didn’t want to do a standard kind of beer…it was going to be for Rare Beer Night after all: a monthly event highlighting nanobrews made by Jen, Jon, guest brewers, and the brew crew. Our immediate thought was to make it somehow food based, but still accessible and highly addictive. We settled on creating a dark stout made with typical mole ingredients, inspired by our favorite mole dish at Casa Villa in Stamford, CT.

Jen loved the idea, we set up a date, we gathered some ingredients, and Jen got to planning. On the Sunday we met, Jen took us through the brewing process and mapped out the day…an entire day for one beer. We can only imagine how much more time goes into the other rare beers and their regular brews like their Toasted Amber and Bright Ale. Now to that methodical and meticulous patience: we’d complete one step and wait, sanitize, complete another step, and wait, sanitize…and so on and so on.

Here are the basics of what we started with:

  • 2 Row Barley
  • Roasted Wheat
  • Dark Chocolate Malts
  • Special B
  • Regular Chocolate Malts
  • Debittered Black
  • Flaked barley
And then we added all of these awesome ingredients!

And then we added all of these awesome ingredients!

Later in the boil we put in some Magnum hops for bittering, pure organic Dutch Cocoa, Ancho + Pasillo peppers, and Costa Rican cinnamon. The sugars came out pretty high, so you can expect a nice ABV for this stout. And, recently, we brewed two “teas” that we are going to infuse the brew with. Tea 1 features cinnamon sticks, cilantro, black pepper, Anaheim and Dragon Cayenne peppers from our garden, cumin, Aleppo peppers, a Guajillo pepper, and Ancho peppers. Tea 2 features more Pasillo peppers, clove, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, espazote, chipotle, and nutmeg. Jen will be creating a third tea, also, so we can’t wait to play around with the flavors in the brew.

And you’ll have your chance to try out the Half Full Mole Stout (working title) on 10/15 at 7 pm along with other rare brews for October’s Rare Beer Night. Entry is $32.64 per person and is limited to just 40 people, so get your tix before they sell out…and yes…they sell out fast.

BOOM: here’s another reason to go! The source of our inspiration will have some awesome Mexican food to pair with all the brews! Yes, our favorite Mexican place around, Casa Villa will have chips, salsa, guacamole, and a trio of shrimp, chicken, and Al Pastor tacos (pork and pineapple) with all the fixins. 3-5 beers, Mexican food…just $32.64. Seriously, you’ve gotta be there with us to celebrate our brew, Casa Villa, and the Half Full Hoptimist spirit as we taste what’s been brewing at Half Full.

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue

Stamford, CT

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