Paint Your Own Masterpiece at Shebeen Brewing While Drinking Some Brewskis

12 Nov

Over the past few years, CT has seen a major influx of art studios, but they aren’t what you’d think of as typical studios. Instead, these new businesses like Pinot’s Palette in Stamford and Muse Paintbar in Norwalk are focused on two hour sessions that get people (anywhere from novice to expert) painting. For each class, there is a different painting that the teacher takes you through, showing you how to paint it. As you paint, you get to talk with friends, meet new people, and (yes, it’s true) drink your favorite wine, beer, or cocktails. 

Well, instead of going to some of these local art studios to paint, one is bringing the action right to you. Check it: XpoArts Paint Bar in Cheshire is coming to Shebeen Brewing in Wolcott. The painting party goes down on Sunday, November 16 from 3-5 and costs $40 per person. The painting that night will be Misty Moonlight (pictured above), looking a lot like the foggy scene outside right now. In addition to getting all the supplies and taking your completed painting home, you’ll also get a tour of Shebeen and will even get tastings. Just click here to sign up (we suggest this option) or purchase your ticket right at the brewery.

Shebeen Brewery

1 Wolcott Rd

Wolcott, CT 06716

(203) 514-2336

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