Black Hog Releases THC Bravo; Tap Takeover at Craft 260 in Fairfield

19 Nov

Headbrewer Tyler Jones of Black Hog Brewing Co. (see our interview with Jason and our first tastes) in Oxford has been a busy little beaver. In just a few short months, he has brewed his year-round favorites, has created numerous seasonal brews made from local produce and products, and has started another series of beers called The Hop Collective. Each beer in this series (THC) is a pale ale that is made with the same malts and has the hops added during the same exact times in the brewing process. The thing that makes each brew different is the kind of hops that they use: a single type. So, you really get to taste the notes, undertones, and effects of using just one kind. The latest in this limited edition series (the second one so far) is called THC Bravo. This particular kind of hops, according to a recent press release, has a “strong, dry, bright bitterness” paired along with an “earthy rich aroma.” Describing a bit more, it has, “BIG hop-tastic astringency leaning to Citrus with a sticky floral/spicy hop flavor that lingers.” Here are more deets on this beer: ABV: 5.5% IBU: 25 Malt: 2-row Pale, British Pale, Crystal 110, CaraHell, Melinoidin Hops: Bravo You can get THC Bravo at Black Hog in Oxford and should be able to find it at your local watering hole that supports good local beer. And, you’ll also have a shot at trying it at one of our favorite new spots: Craft 260 in Fairfield. Just come by Wednesday, 11/26 and try ALL of these brews from Black Hog:

🍺 Easy Rye Da

🍺 Coffee Milk Stout

🍺 Ginga Ninja

🍺 Granola Brown

🍺 Autumn Nugget

🍺 Rosemary Dunkelweizen

🍺 THC Bravo


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