New app, Next Glass, helps you scan + pick that next glass of beer or wine

20 Nov

Two Roads Brewery on Next Glass

When we heard about Next Glass, we were kind of like: umm, no way will this work, no way. An app on your Android or iPhone that not only scans a beer or wine label and identifies what you’re drinking, but then gives you recommendations on what to drink next? That’s some serious magical unicorn stuff.

Our scan of Weyerbacher Nineteen

Our scan of Weyerbacher Nineteen

But, it does much more than that. You start off by registering then you begin to build your flavor profile by rating beer and/or wine from 1-4 stars. If you’re ready for fun, you can also scan the bottle or can you’re drinking at the moment and it will recognize (we tried it many times, it works) which beer you’re drinking. Then, a screen will pop up where you can see ratings. If you tap that (no pun intended), you can also see more information such as calories and ABV. Yeah, we know, don’t tap that, you don’t want to see the calories. Good drinks have no calories! ;)

After you’ve built up a flavor profile, Next Glass begins to do it’s thang. You can click on the beer logo on the “2 glasses” icon on the bottom and it’ll show you what else you’ll like that’s close to that beer or wine. They are able to give you recommendations because they actually take crazy amounts of wine and beer then analyze them at the molecular level. Yeahhhhh science!

Another way to check out new brews or wines that you might like is by clicking Explore. You’ll see a long list of drinks that you can scroll through, rate, or decide to order/purchase. 

We’ve had it since the morning (that’s when it came out, btw) and it’s been helluva fun to use. The only disadvantage is that you can’t scan draft beers or single pours of wine, but you can still search it up, add it and rate it. There is already an incredible library of drinks, but if you don’t see your favorite or the one you’re drinking, just request that they add it. Some local breweries that are already up on here include Half Full, Two Roads, Thomas Hooker, Sixpoint, and Captain Lawrence.

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3 Responses to “New app, Next Glass, helps you scan + pick that next glass of beer or wine”

  1. Jim mullen November 20, 2014 at 7:36 pm #

    This app is not in the Apple Apps store


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