Shebeen Brewing Company Expands Beer Base to SC, NY Soon Too

20 Nov

Shebeen Brewing Company, based out of Wolcott, Connecticut has met with great success since they opened in May 2013. Since then, you can find their beer in more restaurants and package stores than ever. Also, they’ve definitely stepped up their game with a better tasting room experience and food trucks. They are putting out plenty of brews, too, like their newest 10% ABV Double Rye Porter that comes out only at the brewery on 11/26 from 12-7. And, why yes, they are expanding their reach. You can also celebrate with them on, appropriately enough, Black Friday  from 2-9 downing said beer . . . if there are any left, that is. 

Starting in December they’ll be shipping out their beer in can and bottle form to South Carolina and will be sending out kegs sometime in early 2015. In addition, Shebeen is on the verge of getting their brews into NY, too, so all ya New Yawkkaws (we can say it, we’re originally from NY) can get some tastes of Shebeen. 

We think this is a great step for Shebeen and shows their evolving success. But, it’s also a huge victory for CT beer, helping us to expand out and have a bigger influence on the states around us. 

Rock on.

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