Black Hog Releases Barleywine; Launch Party at J. Timothy’s

1 Dec

Bacchus is our kinda dude. See, he’s the god who’s behind all the food, drinking, and general decadent merriment that we celebrate. Hell, without him, we’d have no blog. Would you care about us if we only wrote about eating rice cakes or salads? 

“Hey Julia, did you hear about that new blog that reviews the best rice cakes in Fairfield County?”

“Um, yeah, I have them on my favorites! They are OmNomInModerationCT, right?”

Hell no. 

Perhaps this is where some of the inspiration for Black Hog Brewery’s newest brew came from? It’s called the Bacchanalian Barleywine (extra points for the alliteration, boys). Not only will you be able to get first tastes on 12/4 at 5 pm at J. Timothy’s in Plainville, but you’ll also get a little more. Yup, Brewmaster Tyler Jones will be on hand so you can ask him all about the brewing process, how awesome his life is, and about rice cakes. While you’re there, nom away on J. Timothy’s famous Dirt Wings that are constantly at the top of best wing lists for the entire country.

Bacchanalian Barleywine Release Party w/ Meet & Greet

12/4 at 5 pm

J. Timothy’s Taverne

143 New Britain Ave.

Plainville, CT 

(860) 747-6813

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