Gift-mas-ukah Day 3: Prima Dolce Co. Compotes of Greenwich, CT

3 Dec

Bella's Berries Compote

So far we’ve covered Hoardable Hot Sauce in Stamford, Jones Winery in Shelton for our Fairfield County gift spotlight, and today we’re sharing with you one of our favorite add-ons: Prima Dolce compotes. What is a compote, anyway? Well, that’s a great question. Here’s a little clarification: a compote is jam-like and includes fruit that has been stewing in a sugary syrup with possibly other ingredients like liqueurs or juices. 

Now, onto Prima Dolce who has three flavorful, pure, and delicious flavors that owner Lisa Sorbo named after her daughter Ella Bella:

Bella’s Berries Compote: our favorite, made with whole cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, sugar, and orange liqueur. 

Bella’s Apricot Compote: whole apricots, orange and lemon juice, and sugar.

Bella’s Black & Blueberry Compote: blueberries, blackberries, brown and regular sugar, orange and lemon juice

What’s great about each flavor is that they are just sweet enough, just right. There’s also a nice amount of chunks and bits of fruit and berries, but never so much that it becomes overwhelming. In addition, they do it right with simple ingredients that are pure and non-GMO.

Each flavor comes in 8 oz jars, and sell for $9.99 each or $25 for all 3. Buy them online or check them out at the places below and see why we love them and why Oprah featured them in her 11/12 issue!

  • Greenwich  Exchange, 28 Sherwood Place in Greenwich
    • (Also available here is Prime Dolce Vanilla Cream Cheese Pound Cake)
  • Walter Stewart’s Market, 229 Elm Street in New Canaan
  • Craft Butchery, 575 Riverside Avenue in Westport
  • Easton Villge Market, 440 Sport Hill Road in Easton
  • Copia Home & Garden Center, 475 Smith Ridge Road in South Salem, NY
    • (Also available are their seasonal pies, pound cakes, and other holiday treats)
  • Scarsdale Exchange, 33 Harwood Court in Scarsdale, NY
  • Call ahead  at (914) 723-4728 to see if the compote and pound cake is in stock

And more . . . 

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  1. Margaret Sapir December 3, 2014 at 4:12 pm #

    Would you consider Wave Hill Breads’ fresd Panettones?


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