Gift-mas-ukah Day 5: Raus, Shearwater + Deadly Ground Coffee

8 Dec
Coffee so good, you'll lactate

Coffee so good, you’ll lactate

Okay, so we had a hard time deciding which of these three coffee roasters that we’d spotlight for Day 5 of our Fairfield County focused gift giving guide. It’s especially tough because each roaster has unique things about their beans, their products, and their branding. Well, why don’t we just look at each buzz-biz a bit:

Raus Coffee, Stamford

Donny Raus is the man behind Raus Coffee who has expanded the business in an increasingly rapid pace through a growing network of farmers’ markets and local grocery stores. His flagship drink of choice is the Cold Roman which requires you to activate the drink by swirling the drink (and your hips) until there’s a nice mixture of cream and espresso. Although you can only find him at farmers’ markets and stores right night, he’s got plenty of great things ahead like a deal with BexMax in Stamford. Plus, he’s hoping to open up shipping soon so that it’s even easier for you to get your Cold Roman fix.

Find Raus Coffee here.

Shearwater Organic Coffee Roasters, Trumbull

To say that Ed Freedman has been successful with his coffee would be a gross understatement. Picking only the freshest, best sourced, and organic beans, Ed is putting out some great coffee that’s full of flavor. Some flavors to check out are the Dark Golden Crema Espresso Blend, the Coastal Sunrise Blend, the Colombia Quinchia, and the Toasty Hearth Blend. You can find Shearwater at many restaurants like Artisan, Parallel Post, Olio, The Spread, and Mezon, plus you can find it at places like Steam Coffee Bar, Tusk & Cup, The Buzz Truck, Whole Foods Fairfield, and Olivette Darien. You can even find it featured in coffee drinks and smoothies at your local CT Robeks!

Find Shearwater here.

Deadly Grounds Coffee, Norwalk

Tom Lialios has made the trip to Hell, Michigan many times and his coffee has been named the official coffee of Hell: that’s no easy feat. Whether it’s his killer Pumpkin Spice, Hell’s Fury, Midnight Joe, Sinful Delight or one of his many other roasts, his beans live up to the tagline: coffee to die for. This makes the perfect gift for that holiday basket, for a host, and just to treat yo’self*.

Find Deadly Grounds here.

*Hearse not included with purchase.

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