Adaiah from Danbury Competes in Final 4 of MasterChef Junior Tonight!

9 Dec

When the second season of MasterChef began, 16 hopeful young chefs were ready to make their mark on MasterChef history! Through a series of contests and pressure tests, the cream would always rise to the top week after week. And, this season was incredibly special to CT because there were two competitors from our state:

Oona Yaffe from New Haven

Adaiah Stevens from Danbury

Ooona, age 9, seemed to be a major frontrunner from the start, but she was eliminated last week. But, that doesn’t make her time on MasterChef any less more victorious because she made it to the Top 6 of kids throughout the nation who held her own and cooked with pizzazz.

Well, that leaves Adaiah who is only 12 in the Top 4 against Samuel (12), Abby (8), and Logan (11). Throughout the cooking competition, Adaiah has been slow and steady, working her way to the top with her cooking prowess, her sense of competition, and her undying persistence. 

In the special preview clip above of tonight’s episode (Fox, 8 pm, Tuesdays), you can see Adaiah take apart that Salmon like a skilled MasterChef! Will that help to launch her to the top of her class and secure her a spot in the Final Round? We’ll all have to watch and see.

All our best goes out to Adaiah! You’ve got this!

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