Get Your Christmas Meal Shopping Done at Sugar + Olive’s Farms and a Market!

18 Dec


One of the most annoying things about prepping for your big Christmas meal isn’t usually the cooking: well, at least for us. The most un-wonderful time of the year is usually the shopping part. You need to trudge to the store, fight past people who block the aisles, then wait behind that one person left in the world who still pays with checks . . . oh, but you didn’t think this was possible, the next person in line is paying in cash and is counting out pennies to cover the cost. Yeah, it’s seriously enough to turn you into The Grinch with a cold black coal-shaped heart.

But, it’s okay because Sugar & Olives in Norwalk is taking away the stress and putting together lots of holiday goodies for you that are local and full of love. Just look at everything they’ll have this Friday, 12/19, from 12-5:

  • Meats from The Hickories (Ridgefield) and Snow Hill Farm (North Salem, NY)
  • Produce from Holbrook Farms (Bethel)
  • Greens from Gilberties (Westport)
  • Cheese from Cato Corner (Colchester)
  • In addition, they’ll have some other great stuff too:

Various cookbooks to help inspire you (or to give as a present)

  • Smoked sea salt (yum)
  • Red Bee Honey (Weston)
  • Gorilla Coffee Beans (Brooklyn)
  • Glassware and barware to make your party sparkle 

Sugar & Olives

Birchwood Corners Shopping Center

21 Lois Street

Norwalk, CT 06851

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