Connecticut Magazine Releases Experts’ Picks + Reader’s Choice List for 2015

20 Dec

Every year, Connecticut Magazine comes out with a comprehensive list called Reader’s Choice where people from across the state can vote for their favorite restaurants. In tandem, they also publish an Experts’ Picks list that is crafted by food writers, food critics, bloggers, cookbook authors, and this year even a former restaurant owner. Well, we were honored this year to be a part of the election process as two of the Experts! The resulting list is one that pays equal weight to all the restaurants throughout the state, not just in New Haven, Fairfield, or Hartford Counties. In particular, we were very happy with this list because so many of our favorite spots were chosen as top picks in the state. Congratulations to all the winners!

Here are the categories for Experts’ Picks:

  • Experts’ Picks: Best For Overall Excellence
  • Experts’ Picks: Best New Restaurant
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Italian
  • Experts’ Picks: Best American
  • Experts’ Picks: Best French
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Mexican/Latin American
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Indian
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Asian
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Pub
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Craft Beer Haven
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Cocktails
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Place to Eat in The Bar
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Barbecue
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Steak
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Tapas
  • Experts’ Picks: Best For Families 
  • Experts’ Picks: Most Romantic
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Desserts
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Brunch
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Sushi
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Vegetarian/Vegan
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Outdoor Dining
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Last-Minute Option
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Undiscovered Treasure
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Seafood
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Value
  • Experts’ Picks: Best Hotel Dining

And here are the categories for Reader’s Choice:

  • Best for Overall Excellence
  • Best New Restaurant
  • Best American
  • Best French
  • Best Italian
  • Best Asian
  • Best Mexican
  • Best Latin American
  • Best Indian
  • Best Middle Eastern
  • Best Pub Grub
  • Best Road Food
  • Best Food Truck
  • Best Bistro
  • Best Seafood
  • Best Steak
  • Best Prime Rib
  • Best Burgers
  • Best Barbecue
  • Best Romantic
  • Best Family Dining
  • Best Breakfast
  • Best Brunch
  • Best Lunch
  • Best Appetizers
  • Best Desserts
  • Best Outdoor Dining
  • Best Service
  • Best Cocktails
  • Best Wine Selection
  • Best Hotel Dining
  • Best Value
  • Best Vegetarian
  • Best Sushi
  • Best Hidden Gem

3 Responses to “Connecticut Magazine Releases Experts’ Picks + Reader’s Choice List for 2015”

  1. Kevin and Glenna December 20, 2014 at 10:11 am #

    The link doesn’t work to the expert picks.


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