Killer Sours and Wilds: Crooked Stave Hits CT Shelves

23 Dec

Crooked Stave in OmNomCT's FridgeSour beers have become very popular lately, with even the big names in beer like Sam Adams producing their own versions. And, while sours are definitely an acquired taste for people who are used to wheaty beers or lagers, they are fun, exciting, and a nice change from the same brews that we all tend to drink.

But, not all sour beers are made equally. Case in point: Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project. This Denver based brewery, lead by Chad Yakobson who is affectionately known as the “Brettanomyces Guru,” is known for their sours and wild beers. HIs brewery is undergoing a huge expansion that will let them brew, age, and bottle all in one spot. And, the great people of CT get to reap the benefits as they have begun to ship their excellent ales to us!

As of now, you’ll be able to get: Vieille Artisanal Saison, Surette Provision Saison, St. Bretta Citrus Wildbier, Origins Burgundy Sour, and Nightmare on Brett, a dark sour aged in Leopold Brothers whiskey barrels. Places to get Crooked Stave haven’t been released yet, but we’ve got a nice list below! we should soon get more info from Crooked Stave and Northeast Distribution. As for now, we can confirm that Greenwich Wine + Spirits at 1155 East Putnam Avenue has it (and a KILLER selection of other brews too, btw).

When we went, we snagged both the Vieille and the Surette. And, last night, we popped open the Vieille which is aged in oak barrels (as is most of their brews) and comes in at 4.2%. It was nice and smooth and so sessionable for a sour. The finish is just slightly sour and the beer, all around, is very nicely balanced. This is a gateway sour, no doubt, and can help get people to really fall in love with these specialty brews. We think that sour-lovers will also appreciate it for its complexity.

Here’s a list of some places in CT to find Crooked Stave:


  • Amity Wine and Spirits in New Haven
  • Anocona’s in Ridgefield
  • Brooklyn Wine in Brooklyn
  • Coastal Wine and Spirits in Branford
  • Fairway Market in Stamford
  • Frank’s Package Store in Guilford
  • Greenwich Wine and Liquors in Greenwich
  • Harry’s Liquors in Fairfield
  • Harvest Wine and Spirits in West Hartford
  • Manchester Wine and Spirits in Manchester
  • Nejaimes Fine Wines and Spirits in Watertown
  • Tony’s Package in Haddam
  • The Wine and Spirit Co. in Milford
  • Yellowfront Package in New London


  • Cask Republic in New Haven and Stamford
  • Mikro in Hamden
  • Prime 16 in New Haven and Orange
  • Stanziato’s in Danbury
  • Ginger Man in Norwalk
  • Buckingham Tavern in Glastonbury

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