Special Half Full Rare Beer Night + My Resolution Bottle Release Party

7 Jan

Half Full Rare Beer Night Resolutions

Mark this, and mark it well: on 1/21/15 Half Full Brewery in Stamford is hosting its first ever Bottle Release Party/Rare Beer Night. Yes, that’s news enough and great enough by itself to see Half Full take the next step in production, but if you remember back to our post last year, you might remember something about these bottles. Rare Beer Night attendees had a chance to try four different beers that the Hoptimists at Half Full would barrel age. By the end of the night, people picked the Scotch Ale and the Half Full staff picked the Barleywine. Then, each person was asked to write one resolution on rice paper then drop it in the barrel where the Scotch Ale would be transferred to. The result was the “My Resolution” ale that has been aging since January 2014.

Half Full will be pouring out some magic...

Half Full will be pouring out some magic…

So, if you come to the next Rare Beer Night at Half Full, you’ll get shots at buying bottles ($12) of the Barleywine and Scotch Ale, aged in Jack Daniels barrels, bottled in bombers just for you. You’re allowed to buy 2 bottles of each style: that makes just enough for every single person in attendance (up to 100 people can attend).

And, if you are super-jelly about not getting the experience to vote on a beer and place your own resolutions into whiskey barrels like we did last year, be jelly no more: you’ll get to taste 4 new brews and do this for yourself on 1/21! Score!

Tickets are just $30 and also includes snacks. We hope to see you there, as we just got our tix.

p.s. We asked our friend Craig who had resolved to eat more parsnips if he had, in fact, eaten more parsnips. Folks . . . it’s a yes, indeed, he has eaten more parsnips.

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