Back to School @ Fairfield Cheese Co. with Winter Cheese Classes in the 2015

8 Jan

Fairfield Cheese Company Cheese School

If you are like most cultured people (get it?) here in the fine state of CT, you love your cheese. And, if you’re fortunate enough to live in or around Fairfield, you definitely know about Fairfield Cheese Company. Seriously: it’s the go-to spot for all the cheese and accoutrements that you could possibly need in FFLD. As you might know through previous posts, they often host Cheese School classes, so we wanted to share with you all of the classes that they’ll be offering to help you get through this crazy cold winter. Also be on the lookout as Greenwich Cheese Company sorts through their recent opening and prepares to host their own classes, too. Reservations can be made by calling (203) 292-8194 with payment due at that time. If you cancel before 24 hours, you’ll get a credit towards any future class, but short notice cancels are nonrefundable.

Tuesday, January 27th, 7-9pm: Cheese 101

Do you love cheese?  Do you want to know more about it? Cheese 101 is the best place to start. Sit and relax over a plate of some of our best cheeses (with a little wine to wash it down, of course) as Chris and Laura bare the basics. Let us guide you through a scrumptious tasting of fresh and bloomy cheeses, washed rind and aged, plus a variety of cow, sheep, and goat cheese, all while learning about cheese-making. Leave with your new-found knowledge and order with confidence the next time you’re at a cheese counter.  $45

Tuesday,  February 3rd, 7-9pm: Fondue

Fondue is back big time, and with great quality cheese there is no better way to get together with friends and family on a cold winter night. We’ll experiment with several different fondue recipes using a variety of alpine and other hearty cheeses in all their warm and creamy glory. We’ll have lots of delicious dipping accompaniments and a couple of wine selections to add to the fabulous fondue fun. $45

Tuesday, February 10th, 7-9pm: More Than Manchego: The Cheeses of Spain

How many Spanish cheeses can you name? Chances are you love a good Manchego, but did you know that Spain has a diverse and flavorful selection across other styles as well? Come taste Spanish greats from several regions, learn about traditional accompaniments, and of course wash it all down with the appropriate Spanish wine $45.00

Tuesday, February 17th, 7-9pm: Perfect Pairings: Cheese & Wine

Every so often, we find pairings of cheeses and wines that go above and beyond, complementing each other in a way that can only be described as “Marriages-Made-in-Heaven.” In this class, with the help of our friends at Harry’s Wine & Liquor, we will pair the perfect cheese with its perfect wine match and discuss the basics of pairing cheese & wine. $45

Tuesday, March 3rd, 7-9pm: Good Meats, A Guided Tasting through the Charcuterie Case

It comes by a million names: charcuterie, salami, cured meat…even deli meat. Our meat offerings have grown quite a bit since we opened last year, so we’ve decided its time to delve a little deeper into the world of charcuterie. In this class we will taste through all of our new meat offerings and discuss the growing popularity of this very old world process . $45.00

Tuesday, March 17th, 7-9pm: How do You Like Them Apples? A Cheese & Cider Pairing

Hard cider, which has an alcohol level similar to that of beer, has a long history in the United States. In fact, during colonial times it was the go-to drink, but by the mid-19th century tastes began to shift towards beer and ciders lost popularity. In recent years ciders have been making a comeback- not mass produced hard cider but handcrafted ones complete with terroir. Their acidity and occasional sweetness make a exquisite match for artisan cheese. $45

Friday, March 27th, 7-9pm: A Taste of Connecticut Cheese Dinner
Around here we often talk about “local” and “sustainable,” but sometimes it can be difficult track down the cheese that comes from closest to home. Join us for a five-course meal featuring a different Connecticut cheese in each dish and a complete wine pairing. Chris will be improving on our winter favorites with some of our best cheeses. Come find a new go-to recipe! $100

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