Yes We CAN: Black Hog Brewery Readies Can Distribution

8 Jan

This trinity of beer will make you feel all tingly inside. Picture from Black Hog’s FB page.

One of the major success stories for CT beer in 2014 was Black Hog Brewery, opened up over the summer in Oxford. Part of their overwhelming success came from the people behind the brewery: Jason and Tom Sobocinski from Caseus and Tyler Jones, former brewer at Portsmouth Brewpub. The other reason, we believe, they became so popular was the arsenal of brews that they released. They started with one of our favorite brews of the year, Ginga’ Ninja, and lots of other great brews like their S.W.A.G., Easy Rye’ Da, and Granola Brown Ale. Soon after these came out, though, they were off adding seasonal beers like their Strawberry Gose and special releases called The Hop Collective that feature one strain of hops.

Black Hog Brewing in Oxford, CTUp until now, you could only get their beer at the brewery, via special bottle releases like Disco Pig, or at your local craft beer bar, but that’s all about to change. Pictured up above are the cans that will soon be hitting store shelves, much like Jason promised would happen when we talked to him back in May before the brewery opened. How soon? As early as next week! Make sure to check their site for a list of places that will carry their cans.

We think those cans look SICK! If you had your choice of all Black Hog Brews, which one would you like canned?

2 Responses to “Yes We CAN: Black Hog Brewery Readies Can Distribution”

  1. Leslie January 8, 2015 at 10:06 am #

    Coffee Milk Stout and SWAG


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