Meet the Brewer of Black Hog, Long Ireland, and Jack’s Abbey @ Coalhouse Pizza in Stamford

11 Jan

Black Hog Flight at Coalhouse

The beer game at Coalhouse Pizza just keeps getting better and better, it’s actually hard to keep up with everything planned there. Just a few weeks back, we hit up the special NEBCo release party that featured Fuzzy Baby Ducks, Zapata-Bot, Gandhi-bot, a casked version of Gandhi-Bot, as well as Session 2 and Sip of Sunshine from Lawson’s Finest Liquids. We could not believe how PACKED the place got, but the staff handled things well and get brews out to people no problem. And, yeah, having 31 Dogfish Head brews at our disposal for New Year’s brunch was pretty damn awesome, too.

And, wouldn’t you know it, there’s more great things going down in January! First up is a special drink, meet, and greet with Tyler Jones and Tom Sobocinski of Black Hog Brewing on 1/13, starting at 5 pm and going to about 9. Also, come on back on January 15th to check out one of the newest brews to come into CT, Long Ireland from Long Island. And, finally, check out Jack’s Abby Brewing of MA on January 27th.

In addition, make sure that you come down for some other events:

Evil Twin Brewing Flight Night 1/14

Goose Island Flight Night 1/20

Bottle Share 1/22 at 5 pm

Just a note here for your hardcore beer fans: Gerard and co. tend to get really great, hard to find beers for these kind of events, so you’re definitely gonna wanna get your ass to Coalhouse if you’re a fan of any of these breweries.

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